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Funny how a lot of women don't like beer these days. In the days of Ur, Babylon, Egyptian Pharaohs etc women were the brewers, women sold beer in the taverns (and often performed another service for the male customers) and all the gods that had to do with beer were women etc.

In English manor houses, right up till the early 1800s and the growth of industrial brewing, the housekeeper would brew beer in the scullery one day and boil laundry in the same copper the next! I had a look through a facsimile of Mrs Beeton but nothing on brewing beer :)

In Australia up till 1972 homebrewing of beer over 2% alcohol was illegal. The guys used to buy malt and hops from somewhere, do a mash then boil the wort in the laundry copper! Whitlam and his Deputy took on all the ministries between them in the period between winning the '72 election and having all the votes counted etc etc. One of the decisions they took was to take away the limit on alcohol content of homebrew.

Beer quality then plummeted! Beer concentrates became available and were easier and quicker than the mashing-sparging-boiling stuff. Olinda was a big name in wine making and brewing at the time and they started making beer concentrates or kits. Those kits were so bad Olinda soon went broke!

Then starting in the 70's in the UK people started rediscovering mashing. Dave Line a pioneer there. These days the homebrewer has a dazzling variety of grains, hops and yeasts available and makes incredible beers while the general public goes around drinking swill like XXXX, Tooheys New, VB, West Edn, Emu and other crud!

The long and contradictory history of beer! Been here 10-20K years, be here for longer than that!


In my first job, I worked with an old Pommy bloke (now passed away). He would tell me how when he was a young bloke in England just after WW2, it was common for many pubs to brew their own beer or for a small number of pubs to source it from their own local independent brewery. He said that the variety that existed just going from pub to pub was truly extrordinary. Hundreds, even thousands of different varieties available across England. But by the time he left to come to Australia, the big boys were beginnning to take over and variety was becoming a thing of the past.

I really wish I had bought at least 3-4 cartons of "Black cockatoo dark lager" from that little micro-brewery up on Mount Tamborine :) Mighty fine stuff it was! Didn't even get to taste half the brews they made. Never mind, there's always next time :D


Women seem to think that beer is a man's drink. They seem to prefer Vodka cruisers and Malibu and shit. Even pansy arse teenage boys are drinking Mudshakes and Bacardi. Fucking pansies.

Give me Coopers and fine red wine over alcopop crap any day of the week.


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I like beer celly ( even tho I dont really drink it much now)..but I also like a good red wine too..someone mentioned Chianti..have you ever tried it ? It sounds Italian.

Nothing better than a good full bodied red.