Australia's economic and military fate is dictated by external forces and events


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This means Australian governments and Australian politics are irrelevant.

This means that the Australian military is irrelevant.

Should Australia just negotiate a deal whereby it becomes a state of the USA or the UK to reflect reality?


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Australian politics have no effect on the world let alone the region.

Australia has not been a significant player in the region and is just tolerated in ASEAN.

Belief in democracy in Australia is only 70% and its falling as the older generations die off.

Could right-wing extremists seize control and change the government form to autocracy?

Has Labor just saved Australia from sliding into autocracy?

... Nevertheless, the standing of democracy amongst Australians — presumably including that of Australian democracy — is not overwhelmingly positive. In the latest authoritative Lowy Institute Poll of Australian attitudes towards democracy, it is troubling that 30% of 18-29 year-old citizens surveyed believed a non-democratic system is preferable to a democratic one under some circumstances, while 55% believed democracy is preferable regardless of circumstance. This is a contrast to those 60 years and over surveyed, only 15% of whom believed a non-democratic system might be preferable, while 72% believed democracy was always preferable. The overall numbers for all surveyed was 22% and 65%, respectively. The lower regard for democracy amongst younger Australians is reflected in previous polling going back to 2012. ...