Australia's banning of Chinese 5G mobile phone transmission equipment was a declaration that China is an enemy


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Amateur week in Canberra never ends.

It is incredible that a government such as Australia's could be promoting trade with China while conducting an intensive propaganda campaign against China.

The cancellation of 5G equipment was more than a slap in the face it was a kick in the ribs and a broken jaw.

The argument about the security of mobile phone communications equipment applies to all foreign communication equipment, including the USA, and including satellites and cables. By banning China's equipment while not banning the equipment of other foreign countries Australia has declared China an enemy.

Not a prospective enemy but an actual enemy.

If Australia is concerned about the security of its mobile phone communications it should provide a means for those who need it to communicate securely, including those who want to avoid surveillance by the USA and countries other than China.


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China rips off trade secrets from all and sundry.
ScoMo will be isolated as he follows a failed Trump policy to insult, slander, and isolate China.

You people, MiesAway and HBS Guy have been poisoned by ant--Chinese propaganda.

Speed of conception and innovation of ideas is China's advantage.

Too many people fail to understand the speed of development in China. There is an amazingly short time between the conception of a product by the Chinese before its on the internet markets.

I believe the USA has ripped off heaps of trade secrets from China and even from allies like Australia. The USA has organizations that specialize in tricks to defeat patent protection.

China issues a lot of patents. Australia is not even on the screens. It is doubtful that the Chinese would find anything worth stealing in Australia.



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Wasnt it just one brand of 5g and awhile ago, remember 5g is just a standard, there are 100's of companies testing and putting out 5G