Australian Ministry of Propaganda officials please ready yourselves ... Australian sheeple please line up at the propaganda outlets


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Australians, please be informed that ScoMo was not the winner of the Australian 2022 men's open tennis final despite his image appearing everywhere on your screens, with the tennis, with anything, and without anything.

No, dear Australians, ScoMo has not won 21 Grand Slams.

Murdoch is on fire with ScoMo propaganda.

Yes, darlings, ready yourselves for ScoMo's capture of more self-aggrandizement from the Australian Open men's final as the Australian Ministry of Propaganda sidelines its China vilification to sharpen its tactics for the coming election.

Australian sheeple please ready yourselves for the onslaught of Murdoch propagandizing for ScoMo disguised as news.


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John Smith and Gregory Peccary will be fighting each other to be first in line at ScoMo's propaganda shop.


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Oh no! I use a photo of Valkie. No matter whatโ€”In am ahead of him!