Australia is not a clever country, far from it


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Australia has often labeled itself as the lucky country, however this clearly is not the case. Resources and land do not make Australia lucky. It is arguably the opposite.

Perhaps Australia's luck has run out.

The history of the world has shown it is not the countries that are endowed with bountiful resources that succeed, it is the country endowed with people with bountiful energy and inspiration that succeed. The most valuable resource a country has are its inspired people.

If resources, oil, gas, coal, iron ore, gold, nickel, copper, agriculture, were subtracted from the Australian GDP there would be little left.

Australia's luck has run out as inflation appears rampant after spreading from the housing market to other markets.

If Australia really was a clever and lucky country it would have a better quality of politicians, and the grasping greed of the 1% would be less evident.

Australia is not a clever country.


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Freedom is what makes a country great. When people are allowed to profit from their own hard work and ingenuity, great things happen.