As the US runs to the exit from Afghanistan it is useful to analyze the USA's role in funding and arming militants in Afghanistan


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There is no doubt that the USA and the UK armed and financed terrorists in Afghanistan when the Russians were in occupation.

Now after 2 decades of futile warfare the USA is running from Afghanistan. The lives of US military personnel were thrown away on a war the USA could not win and didn't want to win.

The USA did not want the responsibility for perpetually guarding Afghanistan's government.

The Taliban were even honored guests of President Ronald Reagan.–Afghan_War#United_Kingdom

... Under the Reagan administration, U.S. support for the Afghan mujahideen evolved into a centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy, called the Reagan Doctrine, in which the U.S. provided military and other support to anti-communist resistance movements in Afghanistan, Angola, and Nicaragua.[242]

The CIA gave the majority of their weapons and finances to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Hezb-i-Islami who also received the lion's share of aid from the Saudis. There was recurrent contact between the CIA and Afghan commanders, especially by agent Howard Hart,[243] and Director of Central Intelligence William Casey personally visited training camps on several occasions.[244][245] There was also direct Pentagon and State Department involvement[246][247] which led to several major mujahideen being welcomed to the White House for a conference in October 1985. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar declined the opportunity to meet with Ronald Reagan, but Yunus Khalis and Abdul Haq were hosted by the president.[248][249] CIA agents are also known to have given direct cash payments to Jalaluddin Haqqani.[250]

The arms included FIM-43 Redeye and 9K32 Strela-2 shoulder-fired, antiaircraft weapons that they initially used against Soviet helicopters. Michael Pillsbury, a Pentagon official, and Vincent Cannistraro pushed the CIA to supply the Stinger missile to the rebels.[242] This was first supplied in 1986; Wilson's good contact with Zia was instrumental in the final go-ahead for the Stinger introduction. The first Hind helicopter was brought down later that year. The CIA eventually supplied nearly 500 Stingers (some sources claim 1,500–2,000) to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan,[251] and 250 launchers.[252] The impact of the Stinger on the outcome of the war is contested, nevertheless some saw it more of a "force multiplier" and a morale booster.[253] ...