Amber Heard hunted Depp, captured him, and then disemboweled him publicly... its not over after the jury decides


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I expect that the jury deliberation will not be more than 2 days. If it transpires to be longer then its likely to be going against Depp.

I find it difficult to believe Amber Heard has any credibility after stating that everybody testifying for Depp was lying because he owned them.

It is actually perjury to call other witnesses liars without evidence.

Amber Heard is facing at least three perjury investigations. One in the USA for lying about the charity donations, one in the UK for the same, one for lying in court about Kate Moss, and one in Australia for lying about the illegal import of dogs.

I would expect that Heard and her sister will also face perjury charges for lying about Johnny Depp whacking her with his hand which had a cast on it when such an action would have produced facial injuries which were not testified to and were not otherwise evident. In fact, at the time of lying about the whacking, Heard lied about Kate Moss which is indeed proven to be a lie by Moss's testimony.

May you live in interesting times.


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No mention of Musk?
Elon Muskrat the fornicator has zipped up and gone to ground.

It wouldn't surprise me to see him caught in a conspiracy against Depp and prosecuted.

I rate the Muskrat's decency, honesty, and ethics at zero.