⮞ Texas Abortion Ban Stays In Effect With Help From SCOTUS ⮜


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So.....taking this into account:

1. Why do the citizens need guns?

2. What is your view on capital punishment?

1. Citizens don't have to posses or display a 'need' for firearms, they have a Right to own & use firearms for lawful purposes like self-defense. A 'need' doesn't have to exist for a citizen to exercise a Right.

2. Already answered in previous posts....I firmly believe in Capital Punishment for heinous criminal offenses, as prescribed in law for punishment. If it doesn't exist, petitioning for it should not be overlooked for future utilization.


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Fervently believe whatever you personally wish, but I honestly believe 'Human Life', in terms of a 'beginning', takes place at the point of successful fertilization......period, end of all further discussion regarding the 'beginning of human life'.

To me, IMHO, any point thereafter, destroying that innocent Human Life for no other reason than convenience is murder........that should make it easy for you, & anyone else reading this, to understand. I care not what any scientist on any level of medical profession, or politician, or cleric may use to define the beginning of "Human Life".

Now, that said, I do believe in self-defense against another human being or animal.....up to & including the use of deadly force if I alone believe it necessary to protect & defend myself, my loved ones, my fellow citizens/friends......& even strangers in grave danger.

I do not kill game animals for sport, unless I believe they will be consumed by myself or others....Needless killing for the mere sake of killing....sport.....is not part of my character.

I do believe in Capital Punishment for heinous criminal offenses, as & if, it is a prescribed punishment by law.

I do not care one bit how the above makes you, or anyone else, feel or think about me or anyone else who may disagree with me.......deal with your own internal conflicts regarding your own personal feelings.......How I appear in your eyes means less than nothing to me.......if it makes you feel better, by all means enjoy your political castigation of me.....I care not.......When it comes to names, please remember the nursery rhyme about sticks & stones......


I understand that you actually believe that what you believe is inerrant. I understand that you are the self-appointed, self-righteous, self-proclaimed, and self-appointed savior of the innocent fertilized egg. And, that it is your calling to stop the millions of abortions at any cost.

If you truly did want to stop all abortions, then simply criminalize all unsafe sex by men. "No Condom, No Fuk'em". Women do not force sex on men. But men can certainly force sex on women. Young women can also want sex as much as young men. Women become pregnant because of men. So we punish women for becoming pregnant by men, by taking their choice away from them? How do we punish the men? Those double standard could ONLT exist in a male-dominated society, a far-right conservative society, or a fundamentalist religious society. BUT, NOT IN A FREE SOCIETY!! Even in Afghanistan abortions are legal under certain circumstances.

No matter how much you want to pretend that it is not true, there are two evolutional instincts that we can't control. Sex and Survival. If you are not interested in any of the facts, then you are just another misogynistic sociopath, trying to punish all women who do not desire motherhood. The same fanatical religious literalist, who believe that the role of all women is to be "barefoot, pregnant, and only to bare the children of men" These are the same hypocrites that believe in capital punishment of a fully grown human being, but don't give a shit about how many innocent people have been executed. Cést la vie, tough luck!!

A fetuses' right to life is debatable. A woman's is not. FACT!

Even if we pretended that the fetus was fully rational and contemplating Shakespeare in the womb, abortion would STILL not be murder. Does anyone with more than a few functioning brain cells believe, that we will start locking up young pregnant mothers for murder, for terminating their pregnancies? Does anyone believe that a fertilized egg, or embryo, is a person? Or human as defined by law? No. FACT!

Conservatives feel comfortable ignoring or pretending that fetuses are indistinguishable from babies. Despite the medical evidence, that tells us fetuses cannot live unsupported, even with a respirator before 21 weeks. FACT!

Conservatives pretend that fetuses feel pain, even though scientific consensus tells us that until at least 24 weeks, a fetus cannot feel anything like pain, because they don't have the brain connections to do so. FACT!

Conservatives pretend that every fertilized egg is a human life. Ignoring the fact that the majority of eggs never make it to birth. Why has there NOT been any concerted anti-abortion effort to demand research funding into WHY all of these fertilized eggs die? Or, finding out what causes spontaneous abortions. Perhaps because, even the most active anti-abortion advocate knows that a fertilized egg is not the same as a three-year-old child. And, they don't genuinely believe that a fertilized egg has the same right to life. FACT!

Conservative who force women to take their pregnancies' to term are the the most cruel of all.
They rarely talk about how difficult pregnancy can be. It is NOT a carefree experience. They don't mention the vomiting, the gestational diabetes, hemorrhoids, bowel problems, incontinence, or any of the other common complications that follow pregnancy and birth. 95 percent of first-time mothers experience vaginal tearing. This requires stitching around the genitals. So, easily having a baby and putting it up for adoption, is NOT so easy. FACT!

People do have a right to life, but they do not have a right to live inside someone else’s body. Unless they are invited. Especially if doing so, poses a real threat to that person's body.

All parts of a person's body belong to that person in perpetuity. Even after the person dies! Doctors in the U.S. can’t even use a deceased person’s organs to save another life, unless the deceased has given prior approval in writing. So, every human owns their own organs, including their fetus. Even after death. FACT!

Women feel NOTHING for an unwanted pregnancy, or an unwanted child. Other than contempt. FACT!

If you have been trying to have a child, then having one would be a wonderful blessing. But, would you threaten a pregnant woman who didn’t want to give birth? Simply because you wanted one? No, because you are not sociopath who thinks that other people exist solely for your benefit. If wanting a happy, healthy life for a baby is as obvious to you, then it must be obvious to the person with no interest in giving birth to the child. FACT!

You would have to be an absolute moron, if you think that criminalizing abortions would lead to fewer abortions. It would only lead to more women dying from unsafe abortion procedures. We can't even stop people from smoking a joint, for Christ sake. FACT!

I won't waste my time presenting any more facts to closed-minded people like you. It is always the people who protest the most, who hides the most. But, If you are a woman, never forget that your body is yours. No one has any right to any part of it without your consent. The body that houses your soul is already occupied. It is occupied by you. You live there. And you do not have to let anyone use it without your permission.


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How long have you been talking to yourself about your own fantasies in front of a mirror Smitty?

BTW........what system anywhere around the world have you ever found to be all-inclusively perfect? I submit none are, but if a life is terminated it would be impossible to measure any satisfactory measures of success........Only if the termination of life is removed from the equation can anyone....even yourself.....measure the quality of life.

So far this year over 289,800,000 abortions ( https://www.worldometers.info/abortions/) have been done.... ±125,000 each day by years end.....if they could be polled, how do you think they would perceive their quality of life....... Would they consider their brutal terminations as a positive on the scale of acceptability?

PS.......what percentage of orphans, who you think would be better off dead/aborted......what percentage would feel they have not enjoyed the fact that they were alive, & would agree with your death wishes as a positive alternative to breathing...... 0.0001% .........1% ........ 5% ...... 10% ..... 15% ..... 25% ....... 50% ........?

so you opt to run with more fantasy and leave reality out of the picture altogether. I'm not surprised.


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IMHO The US Supreme Court, which has always been political (as intended) since it's inception, has made it clear how it will probably deal with Roe v. Wade's 'unsettled' law..........The 'Right to Life' will have preference over a Woman's so called 'Right to Choose' to terminate it.
"A Woman's SO CALLED 'Right to Choose?'" So you think that there is no such right?


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I wonder how much dreamrider and his ilk will donate to all those future unwanted kids so that they can eat and have a shelter etc
You're assuming that these kids will remain unwanted after the mother is unable to get an abortion but would otherwise get one if she was able.


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I was being poetic, not literal. But again NO ONE BUT GOD would know if this would ALWAYS be the case. So another questions that appeals to absolutes.

But for us mortals, it would be extremely more likely that any women WANTING to have and love her child before birth, would be extremely more likely to want to have and love her child after birth. Compared to a woman who does not want to have, love, or bear her child at all. For personal, medical, economic, and social reasons.

Are you suggesting that young mothers should bear unwanted children, because they MIGHT love and want them after they are born? Of course all this becomes academic once the child is born, right? But, then you don't have to raise the child, do you? The child will never be a constant reminder to you, that he/she is physically and mentally handicapped. Or, that he/she was conceived from being raped, tricked, incest, drugs, or an immature lapse of judgement? Or, even as a reminder of your dead wife, that the abortion laws prevented you from saving.

So, will a child from an unwanted pregnancy ALWAYS be unwanted and unloved in every case? I don't know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. But, I am absolutely certain that at least ONE child will be. And, that is still ONE child too many.

So, what makes you think that logically this would NOT be the case? Do you think that EVERY person who hates chocolate ice cream, will ALWAYS buy another flavor?


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You cannot ban abortions, you can only ban safe, medically supervised abortions. Lots of mothers are going to die in Texas as well as the fetus they went to a backyard abortionist to lose. Hemorrhage was the main result of a backyard abortion, plenty of those about to happen in Texas.

I like this idiotic “a woman’s so–called right to choose” because a woman has NO CHOICE about a fetus developing in her uterus. A backward step in a country that has many problems but safe medically supervised abortion is not a problem except to those afraid of a woman’s right to control her body, her sexual health.


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You cannot ban abortions, you can only ban safe, medically supervised abortions. Lots of mothers are going to die in Texas as well as the fetus they went to a backyard abortionist to lose. Hemorrhage was the main result of a backyard abortion, plenty of those about to happen in Texas.

I like this idiotic “a woman’s so–called right to choose” because a woman has NO CHOICE about a fetus developing in her uterus. A backward step in a country that has many problems but safe medically supervised abortion is not a problem except to those afraid of a woman’s right to control her body, her sexual health.
Women in Texas will continue to have FULL RIGHTS to their own bodies, since abortion has nothing to do with bodily rights.