⮞⮞ No Charges of 'Terrorism' or 'Insurrection' for Jan. 6 'RIOTERS' ⮜⮜


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Hatty, I don't stand up for them. I have no respect for them. All who broke the law should be punished accordingly, and you may recall that right after it happened, I told you all that Trump had lost my support to govern. If he had had any appreciable time left on his term, I would have supported his removal.

9/11 was terrorism. The Oklahoma City bombing was terrorism. The Boston Marathon bombing was terrorism, and other mass casualty attacks. Hell, the only person who died in the Capitol riot, other than by natural causes, was one of the rioters who was shot to death. If that was a terrorist attack, it was the weakest, lamest terrorist attack I've ever seen. And if it was a terrorist attack, then so are other attacks for political reasons in other venues for other reasons.
The USA is indeed lucky the howling MAGA mob is a bunch of bedwetters.


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It was just a protest rally that was spurred on by the hostile rhetoric of political and media agitators. A group bitching about why their narcissistic, misogynistic, chronic lying, senile old sociopathic leader was cheated out of the election.

Does anyone think that these people expected the entire election to be overturned in favor of Trump? Buckley's chance. How about taking over the entire US government? Even more ridiculous.

Just like their leader, they both had their moment of fame. Or infamy. Terrorism/Terrorists?? Really? The US has many of its own domestic terrorist groups, that actually do intimidate and instill fear in parts of society. This ragtag group of Trumpanzees, is definitely NOT in the same league as these other homegrown terrorists.