White guy terrorizes New Zealand Muslims

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White guy terrorizes New Zealand Muslims

Postby greggerypeccary » 15 Mar 2019, 14:03

Christchurch mosques targeted in mass shooting; police say one person is in custody and several are dead

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Re: White guy terrorizes New Zealand Muslims

Postby pinkeye » 17 Mar 2019, 01:29

White Australian male terrorizes New Zealand.

THEY are the facts. As a kiwi-born Australian I am devastated that such an atrocity has been committed by a Australian on NZ soil. It isn't really that important as to who he slaughtered. They were all Kiwis trying to live in peace. THEY are US, as Prime Minister Arden so eloquently put it.

But slaughtering innocents is nothing new.

Happens all the time. Look at the level of domestic violence in Australia. About one woman a week is murdered by her male partner , or former , male partner.
The sense of entitlement is what really makes me sick. All perpetrators of violence are weak fearful and angry, and they destroy the weaker partner, usually the famale, for untold and innumerable reasons . Which is why the COWARD had to do it in NZ. Basically..? He found a way in, he got the guns, he did the deed.

It speaks to a HUGE FLAW in humanity. And, it will end us.

This entitlement to rape burn and pillage the earth the water and the people will destroy us all, So don't go blaming Muslims. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE.
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Re: White guy terrorizes New Zealand Muslims

Postby Bongalong » 18 Mar 2019, 14:47

The 3000 people in the twin towers who couldn't escape unless by jumping from a 100 storey building to escape the flames of two hijacked planes that crashed into them were 'innocent' too, weren't they?

Or are you racist?

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