Get over it: Americans are allowed to have guns!

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Re: Get over it: Americans are allowed to have guns!

Postby SethBullock » 21 Jul 2019, 03:23

pinkeye wrote:
SethBullock wrote:
pinkeye wrote:No wonder most US citizens don't vote.
They have NO IDEA how the whole shitfight works, but they know their vote means fuck all so why bother. !!

What a fucking game.. only those in the know, can work the system. Good grief.!!
You call that democracy..??

Yes, when you register to vote, you pick an affiliation - Republican, Democrat, Independent (also called Unaffiliated), etc. This preserves the integrity of the primary system.

The primary system is where political party members choose their candidate to run in the general election. So you don't want to have Republicans choosing who is going to run from the Democratic party and vice versa. Republicans choose the Republican candidate, and Democrats choose the Democratic candidate. That seems perfectly logical to me.

Australia has two major parties, doesn't it? Liberals and Labor, right? So let's say you have a seat in your "Congress" (not sure what you call it) that's up for election. You have 4 candidates from each party who want to run for that seat. How do you choose which one from each party runs?

Or, do you just put everybody's name on the ballot and hold one election? That seems unlikely to me.

Umm gosh see my hi lites and bold above.

SO.. what you are saying is... as a private voter, you have to say what your preference is. Or else you can't vote.? OH yeah unaffiliated..!! WHAT.??

You have to give a preference in order to vote in the primary elections. This is the election where Party members winnow down the candidates in their own party to only one. And no, unaffiliated voters or voters registered to a certain party don't get to help pick the opposing party's candidate. But, after the primaries there's a general election. At that election, every registered voter, no matter which party, gets to vote for whoever they want to vote for without restriction. They don't have to vote for their own party if they don't want to.

pinkeye wrote:Here … The local political machine decides who gets put up for a vote. (that is those politically motivated individuals in any given electorate who support a candidate. ) Certain limits etc must be met before an individual can stand as a candidate.

So you see, the difference is that your Party officials decide who will represent your party in the election. You may have 4 people in Labor who want to win a certain seat, and your Party officials decide which one will run for it from the Labor Party, if I'm understanding you correctly.

In the U.S. this is decided in the primary election. And this is why you have to give a party preference in the U.S. when you register to vote. It's all about the primaries. So let's say your party preference is Democrat. On primary election day, you will receive a ballot that does not have any Republicans on it - only Democrats. And you may vote for which Democrat you wish to run in the general election. Months later, on General election day, you may vote for whomever you wish - Republican, Democrat, or anyone from any of the minor parties.

Our systems achieve the same thing using different methods.
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Americans have an Unalienable CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to Guns!

Postby DreamRyderX » 21 Jul 2019, 10:48


In order to further help those unfamiliar with the American Political Primaries, I think you may be interested with these Two (2) pages, which seem to do a pretty good job of listing the particulars of each Political Party's Primaries, & to a degree, the processes involved regarding each.

Please keep in mind......Both are Political Party sponsored primaries, organized to benefit the Political Parties, & are run under the rules of the respective Party, not any official election laws per se.

2020 Democrat Party Presidential Primaries


2020 Republican Party Presidential Primaries

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