Fucking snowflakes

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Fucking snowflakes

Postby mothra » 06 Aug 2018, 14:52

Mainstream Media Accused Of Trying To Stop Blair Cottrell From Rubbing One Out Over Hitler

An everyday Aussie that looks like he spends four hours a day in the gym and pronounces big words like theatre critic, has made headlines for his idolisation of a fascist historical figure that killed thousands of Australians.

Prominent neo-nazi Blair Cottrell, and the six or seven political movements he has been aligned with but ultimately distanced himself from after non-stop ego-related in-fighting, have indicated that the leftie Australian mainstream media, most of which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, just want to silence him, and stop him from bringing himself to climax while studying the theology of Adolf Hitler.

This comes after Sky News faces intense backlash for deciding to interview the far-right nationalist.

The former United Patriots Front leader was invited onto the Adam Giles Show for a studio interview and spoke with the former Northern Territory chief minister about winding back on immigration and protecting countries against “foreign ideologies”.

On-again-off-again colleagues of Blair Cottrell say that they their movement has been silenced by the snowflake mainstream media, who can’t possibly fathom the concept of a group of emotionally volatile ex-cons walking the streets and singing praise for a dictator that killed thousands of Australians in World War II.

“Snowflakes!” says one patriot named Herman, who currently has six outstanding AVOs against him name for violence against women.

“Everyday Aussies just want to be able to worship Adolf Hitler without being told that it’s wrong”

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