Senate inquiry calls for political donations ban

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Senate inquiry calls for political donations ban

Postby mothra » 13 Jun 2018, 17:14

Senate inquiry calls for sweeping political donations ban
Banking, gambling, pharmaceutical, defence, tobacco and liquor sectors included in ban recommendation

The Turnbull government should implement a sweeping ban on political donations from developers, banks, mining companies and the tobacco, liquor, gambling, defence and pharmaceutical industries, according to a Senate inquiry examining the influence of money in politics.

The report of the Greens-dominated Senate select committee makes 14 recommendations for the reform of Australia’s much criticised donations and disclosure system, including requiring online, continuous real-time disclosure to the Australian Electoral Commission of donations to political parties, candidates and associated entities.

It backs caps on campaign expenditure by political parties, candidates and associated entities, indexed to inflation and subject to periodic review.

It also proposes a cap on donations to political parties, candidates and associated entities to a maximum value of $3,000 per parliamentary term, and says contributions from the same donor should be aggregated for the purpose of the cap.
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Re: Senate inquiry calls for political donations ban

Postby johnsmith » 13 Jun 2018, 19:12

Just ban ALL donations and fund elections campaigns publicly.

Donations are corrupting the system. Until we ban donations we don't have democracy in this country.
I hope that bitch who was running their brothels for them gets raped with a cactus.
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