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Postby MilesAway » 09 Jun 2018, 16:47

It's a roundabout between two main roads(fed also by two smaller roads, although one is mainish and the other acts as a back way from another major road) so there is lot's of vision given for approaching traffic in all directions. This, I think, was the same roundabout a few years ago where a cop car killed another driver during a pursuit(I suppose it was a pursuit,.... I don't know!)

I suppose there are trees that could act as visual blocks especially at speed and the place is known for drug addicted loons plus Morley Drive going east is coming down from a good sized hill if the lights preceding the intersection in question were green.

Horrible. I didn't hear it.... but it's a fair enough distance away I suppose.

It was a Friday night so maybe not much traffic on the road (Friday is usually fairly quiet) led to feelings of no one being around so do what you like time?

Surely there will be a lot of talk in Perth about this considering the Police Pursuit stuff a few years ago in the same location.... that is, I think it was the same location. Posssibly travelling in different directions but the same location....

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