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Postby HBS Guy » 26 Jun 2018, 12:01

Not really a Food topic.

I remember in 1957 our ship bringing us from Holland, former troopship ss Waterman (means same in English as in Dutch) docked in Fremantle and we left the ship for a while. Went into a cafe and Mum asked for sandwiches and milk for me and my sis (aged 10 & 6 respectively.) When the sandwiches were served Mum said “Oh yes, they do closed sandwiches here!” and the bloke behind the counter got this look on his face :bgrin

When I went back to Holland in 1978 my rellies gave me a sandwich: open sandwich plus a knife and fork. They knew about closed sandwiches here too and wanted to see how I did. No probs. Hmmmm I do miss the lovely rolls you can get there, fluffy and light, delicious with salami or ham. Or the crusty roll I ate in the Hotel du Norde in Paris, man that was unreal! In Italy, Austria there was lovely bread but I don’t remember rolls.

My rellies also gave me a salted herring. As a kid I would eat one in a minute. Took me two or three hours to eat that one, talk about rich!

Does anyone here ever do open sandwiches to be eaten by knife and fork?
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Re: Sandwiches

Postby Squire » 26 Jun 2018, 13:48

Be careful what you wish for. If open sandwiches were sold in Australia they would charge you at least double the price of a standard sandwich.

It would require a licensed professional sandwich engineer to lift the top piece of bread off a traditional sandwich and carefully and environmentally dispose of it.

Total fee, $200 plus traveling time.
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