The lies some people tell, to make $$$

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The lies some people tell, to make $$$

Postby HBS Guy » 25 Nov 2017, 09:08

Ol’ Dave the snake oil salesman is a believer in cycles—but gets his history muddled up.

According to a chronology in one of his lying videos up to 1800 was a warming cycle then cold hit. Pardon?

We had the Little Ice Age from 1300–late 1800. Towards the end of that time there was the Maunder Minimum that cooled things a bit more.

Cycles don’t exist by themselves: something causes the phenomenon we see.

In the case of the “daily cycle” Dave quoted, the tides, it is caused by gravitational “pulls” by the sun and the moon. And it isn’t a daily cycle, it is less than 24 hours and then there are neap and spring tides, etc.

The solar activity cycle causes more or less TSI and longer term we have minima and stronger minima like the Maunder Minimum. These are caused by the nuclear cycle in the sun and we get to know more about it all the time—anything like full understanding is a loooong way off tho.

But cycles in the physical world do not just happen.

And the Maunder Minimum did NOT cause the Little Ice Age, it deepened it for some time but the LIA existed before and after the MM. This is the basic con.

Now, with over 400ppm of CO2 (plus methane, nitrous oxide etc) in the atmosphere if we WERE (no evidence I have seen anywhere) to get another grand solar minimum we would see hardly any cooling.

So ol’ Dave the snake oil man keep busy feeding his dupes regular doses of bullshit:

1. Vulcanism, earthquakes are CAUSED by the GSM, not heavy volcanic activity for 50 years helped cool the earth. Gotta explain volcanoes!

2. The MM caused the last LIA and will cause the next one. LIA was going for a long time before the MM and lasted some decades after the MM ended. This is the central con. Booby should know it is a con because he insisted I watch this YT on the history of the last LIA.

3. Wheat harvests failing. He talks about this a lot all through times of bumper wheat harvests in Russia, Australia etc. This would be funny but why does he do it? To shore up his GSM/Ice Age rubbish? Or to keep his suckers anxious?

Of course, he is a cheap enough huckster to claim the damage to fruit harvests like Florida oranges destroyed by three hurricanes, Georgia (USA) failed peach harvest (due to the WARM US fall & winter he has not mentioned) etc etc.

Funnily enough, most of his bullshit hints at a warming, increasingly moist world not an ice age :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

His latest compilation of rubbish attracted comments from Australia and the UK about mold growing on patios, houses and even cars. Sounds like a moister world, caused by AGW: warmer air and warmer seas causing more evaporation and the warmer air able to hold more moisture.

I think Dubyne gave Booby a link to an article about feedbacks in the climate system, probably to shut me up. I doubt either Booby or Dubyne read the link, neither know climatology or any but the most basic science and math. Bad luck for them, I DID read it. It talked about feedback mechanisms keeping temperatures within narrow limits despite major factors that would have caused much wilder fluctuations. Another link that got bandied about and, again that I read, said there are few loops, more just cause and effect mechanisms.

So, bad luck, hasn’t shut me up. :roll :bgrin
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