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Arsehole Cop

Postby Aussie » 11 Oct 2017, 17:52

You might recall I posted about this prick at OzPol. Now he has been fired by the local (politically elected) Sheriff. I hope she sues the fuck out of them to get proper and complete compensation for this outrage. I guess she is lucky in one sense....he did not shoot her. Really shits me...and back in my day.....when (not if) this sort of violence occurred, the lying Copper was always believed by dumb arse Magistrates and backed up by their corrupt Copper mates. Thank goodness for 'iphones' etc.


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Re: Arsehole Cop

Postby HBS Guy » 11 Oct 2017, 17:53

That sort of cop will always have problems with his wearable video camera.
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