Adani breaking the law again

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Adani breaking the law again

Post by HBS Guy » ... legal-work

First time—illegal tapping into the GAB, now illegal clearing.

This must the shit behavior Conservatives Australia want to make mainstream.

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Re: Adani breaking the law again

Post by pinkeye »

I think it stinks.. always will..

I refuse to accept it is a given, but YES,, they are already acting illegally. THAT is not arguable. They couldn't give a fuck about us ,,, or the Great Barrier Reef.. or the little birds..

The MEDIA seem to represent ADANI here in QLD. Any suggestion it isn't good is basically UnQlderish..!!

NOTHING seems to be able to turn aside this juggernaut.
That IS spin.. it is a MIRAGE and JUST a possibility.. NOT a certainty...

Vox Populi...
doesn't count anymore, in Australia.
sleeping is good for you

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