What a way to load shed!

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What a way to load shed!

Postby HBS Guy » 08 Nov 2017, 11:23

When Julie Waltz Madziarczyk's phone chirps to tell her that the electricity grid needs her to save power for an hour the next day, she sets a reminder. And at the appointed time, she walks around the house pulling plugs.

"I shut down major appliances. I unplug air fresheners, I unplug timers on the lights. Anything that plugs in, that's emitting something, I unplug. And if I can't reach the plug, I flip off a breaker."

Madziarczyk, who lives in Temecula in Southern California, said it's no big deal. "I have a routine now. It takes me about five minutes to shut everything down."

It hasn't been a hardship going without electricity for an hour, about once a week. "We have solar lanterns, so if it happens at night, we're not sitting in the dark. We can do other things." Those include cooking on her gas stove, using pre-charged iPads and cellphones, going to her son's soccer practice or out to dinner.

It's not that Madziarczyk is a hard-core environmentalist. She's pocketing cash—more than $800 in the last year. The company that alerts her by text, OhmConnect, a San Francisco-based startup, passes along payments from grid operators for her efforts.

A switch flipped here, a plug pulled there—household after household, it can add up to an impressive shedding of electric load and significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, according to those who study this kind of potent tool for managing the modern grid.

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