Can we really stay below 2°C warming?

For scientific papers on AGW, record happenings in the Arctic and the Greenland, Himalayan and Antarctic icesheets. Also weatherstorms and higher than average rainfalls and other extreme weather events.

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Can we really stay below 2°C warming?

Postby HBS Guy » 10 Oct 2017, 10:39

2°C warming will have strong enough consequences in the form of heat waves, other extreme weather events and accelerated sea level rise.

This paper: argues that it can be done but is easier in models than in real life.

Strong commitment to Paris Agreement and action to remove CO2 will be needed.

My guess is that it will be done but only after a major disaster probably huge floods with tens of thousands of lives lost on the east coast of the USA (hundreds of thousands likely will die from flooding in Bangladesh but who cares?)

So fighting off AGW will be left until almost too late and therefore cost more in dollars and lives and with less certainty than if we act now. Thankfully, market forces are seeing a change to renewable energy, it is only this that gives me hope.
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