Neutrino energy, once thought impossible now emerging

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Neutrino energy, once thought impossible now emerging

Postby Squire » 02 Oct 2017, 16:21

This is a massive development if a means to harness neutrino power emerges, and if indeed the intensity is enough to provide useful amounts of energy. The planet is bombarded with neutrinos 24/7/365 rain or shine.

Ozpolitic denizen Bobby could even use neutrino energy to power his imitation iceberg float in the next Sydney Gay Mardi Gras. Bobby's g-string Mardi Gras uniform is the only known device which can capture neutrinos.

Neutrinos are among the most elusive particles in nature and in order to investigate their properties [1, 2] various terrestrial detectors have been built [3]. These ghostly particles fill the whole universe and reach Earth coming from the sun (solar neutrinos), from supernova explosions (supernova neutrinos), and from many other celestial objects (e.g., black hole binary stars, active galactic nuclei) [4]. The majority of them pass through Earth and through the nuclear detectors, designed for such purposes, without leaving any trace or signal [5].

BERLIN, June 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Neutrino energy, once thought to be a technological and physical impossibility, is now developing into a global sensation, says the NEUTRINO energy group.

The signs were already present in the fall of 2015: At this time two researchers from NEUTRINO's international team were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Working independently of one another, both the Japanese scientist Takaaki Kajita and Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald were able to prove that neutrinos — tiny cosmic particles which permeate almost everything in the universe and which had long been believed to be massless — do in fact possess mass. This discovery was made possible thanks to testing methods developed by Kajita and McDonald.

At the moment of this discovery, however, very few people actually grasped its significance for humanity.

Neutrinos are high-energy particles that reach the Earth in a never-ending flow. Unlike the visible spectrum of the light from the sun, this form of radiation cannot be perceived with the naked eye, and yet it is their mass that makes neutrinos the energy source of the future.

As Einstein already established: e=mc2. According to the Theory of Relativity, everything which possesses mass also contains energy. It has been possible to verify and measure neutrino energy under experimental conditions for several years now; however, the researchers who dreamed of tapping this energy were often mocked, and the energy itself was deemed to be supposedly non-existent, physically impossible, and thus not utilizable.

Nevertheless, one can hardly imagine the vast possibilities that the harnessing of neutrino energy will open up in just a few short years. The principle is basically the same as that of a conventional solar cell, but with the advantage that a neutrino energy transformer is also able to deliver power in complete darkness. The neutrinos themselves are not captured in this process; instead, a portion of their kinetic energy is converted into electricity.

The cells require no light whatsoever. They transform a segment of the nonvisible spectrum into energy 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and at any point on the Earth's surface. This will, of course, have an enormous impact on the world's energy markets in the coming decades, as well as on industry and economy. Business models will change. Some sectors will disappear completely, while others will come into being.

A team from NEUTRINO Germany GmbH made up of international researchers and universities is currently working under the supervision of Holger Thorsten Schubart on the development of the first technical devices that will be able to convert neutrino energy into electrical power for the end user. Neutrino Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of Neutrino Inc., located in the United States...
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Re: Neutrino energy, once thought impossible now emerging

Postby HBS Guy » 02 Oct 2017, 16:35

Interesting—if true and not an announcement looking for funding.

Yeah, neutrinos pass right through the earth, not hitting a molecule so tiny are they.

Have no idea how many neutrinos tho or the energy capability.

I would be happy with real controllable utility scale fusion.

No charge—how the hell can they capture/slow them?
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