Australia will burn up in the 2017/18 Summer

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Australia will burn up in the 2017/18 Summer

Postby Squire » 29 Sep 2017, 21:54

This current heat wave portends a long hot summer.

Fires are already problematic.

People in coastal areas are in bigger danger because the sea breezes disguise the intensity of solar radiation by reducing air temperatures up to 5 degrees.
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Re: Australia will burn up in the 2017/18 Summer

Postby HBS Guy » 29 Sep 2017, 21:58

Yeah—and I have a 97yo mother to look after.

Shade cloth, car fridge, battery power pack and two solar panels plus use of my cellarette (mechanics pit) etc should see us through. It is the blackouts I fear the most.

As a croweater I know how fragile the transmission network is and how inadequate the generator fleet is: Hazelwood closed, Liddel running at half capacity with frequent breakdowns and plenty other aging generators.

abbott killed renewables but didn’t plan for replacement coal or nuclear plant, a complete fuckwit, turdfull is completely useless—you will need to rely on yourself.
Abbott & Co are going to cause the mother and father of all recessions—be prepared!
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