Do the Libs want to LOSE the election?

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Do the Libs want to LOSE the election?

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If they do it must be because they have been planting booby traps everywhere.
NBN tech choice program already provides fibre for Tasmania: Fifield
Tasmanians don't need Labor's promise to deliver a fibre connection if elected, as they can already choose to spend thousands of their own money on NBN's fibre-on-demand product, according to the federal government.
The quotes for Fibre on Demand (FoD) are skyhigh, including over $10K to pull fibre 300 metres through ducts Telstra had given them access to. The Libs and their lapdogs on the NBN co board are not “technology agnostic” and are doing their bloody best to ensure no FTTH is rolled out. This is treason—preventing the nation and its people from being their best. ... a-fifield/

An area switch is one where a council or a community asks NBN Co to change the rollout to FTTH with the community or council paying for part of the switch. As I have already documented here there are high application costs and the quotes received contain little detail and are sky high.

This Coalition government and their cronies on the board are making sure that as little FTTH as possible will be rolled out, despite the harm to our competitive ability FTTN/HFC will do. FTTH is too good for us plebs. ... ea-switch/