GimpCo clocks up over $44m in new copper

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GimpCo clocks up over $44m in new copper

Post by HBS Guy » ... ew-copper/

This much extra copper is not for connecting node to pillar! No, the arsehats at Gimpco (formerly NBN Co) are running out lots of new copper from pillar to premises. We always knew Telstra copper was not up to fast broadband and Gimpco and Truffles were warned.

The rollouts will be happening where the copper is not to bad and suddenly we are buying millions of dollars of new copper? What happens in the area where the copper is past end of life and rotting and pair gain means VDSL won’t work? Hundreds of millions of dollars buying more new copper and more money rolling it out?

A criminal waste of money. Telling is how Gimpco is avoiding scrutiny!