NBN customers increasingly going for slower speeds

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NBN customers increasingly going for slower speeds

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NBN FttN users increasingly opting for slower speeds

As more customers are connected to the NBN's fibre-to-the-node network, the vast majority of users are going for 25/5Mbps and 12/1Mbps services.

Great comment:
grump-a1eeb APR 13, 2016
@pauljh74 One of the reasons for lower high speed uptake is that the major providers are pushing "Unlimited Plans" with the speed tier in the fine print (12mbps) so they achieve maximum profit with minimal outlay in bandwidth as demonstrated during peak periods where many of the fastest plans slow down to a crawl from those providers.

Not much point in paying top dollar for a service that only delivers on it's claims after midnight.

I'm with a smaller provider that so far manages to supply close to my 50mbps most of the time but even so the dismal state of our National networks is such that we barely notice any improvement over our previous 25mbps service with web pages & updates struggling to load & still get frequent episodes of buffering on many TV streaming services.
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