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Re: Cherie ~ Version One

Postby Cherie » 11 Aug 2018, 17:49

HBS Guy wrote:Cherie is banned for not following a direction that was in the interest of all.

Try not reacting immediately all the time.

try being a decent admin and regrow your balls and applies your rules fairly/keep your word and do not lie too ppl - they tend not to appreciate it
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Re: Cherie ~ Version One

Postby Aussie » 11 Aug 2018, 17:52

Cherie wrote:
HBS Guy wrote:I deleted your post. You were going to stay out of Sand Pit.

just like you said the poisonous komodo dragon would stay out you asshole no balled LIAR- you didnt tell her did you ?? you even lied about telling her that she should stay out- you are of her that you are shaking in your boots - I told you if she started on me again I would be back- conflicting set of rules in here- different posters are subjected to different restrictions- and its still censorship no matter who deleted it-

Looks like that little (and potentially very costly) fling is over. You are now banned from The Tavern only 24 hours after being allowed back in.

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you are banned from here Monk- and it wont ever be undone- you have your pm- your other troll un4- has already been reported-

Stuffed if I would ever be duped by Agnes. In fact, I never would be duped by Agnes.

Oh well, I guess that meet up with Monk in Adelaide so Agnes can 'sort this all out' is also off. If it was me, I'd never have agreed to meet her in the first place.

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Re: Cherie ~ Version One

Postby Aussie » 11 Aug 2018, 17:56

It is weird. It seems that the balls of Monk may only be 'owned' by Agnes, and if he shows any signs of resistance, it is because some other person has dibs on them, and a tranrum will be thrown.

I doubt this a thing just for Monk. It is for anyone having more influence in the www than Agnes has, and such a person she will cosy up to. Any sign of rejection, and all Hell breaks loose.

Fucked if I would go anywhere near such a person.

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Re: Cherie ~ Version One

Postby HBS Guy » 11 Aug 2018, 17:59

Well, I said I would meet her in town for a meal. Never thought it would really happen and it hasn’t and won’t.
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