The Globalists are petrified of Farage!!

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The Globalists are petrified of Farage!!

Postby Bongalong » 07 Jul 2019, 03:31

This is the proof:

Nigel Farage blasts Channel 4 comedy showing assassination of right-wing campaigner named Nigel Fromage

Nigel Farage has slammed a Channel 4 comedy show which shows a right wing public figure named Nigel Fromage being assassinated as ‘sick and irresponsible’.

The Brexit Party leader is spoofed in the comedy series Year of the Rabbit which stars Matt Berry and Keeley Hawes.

The character is making a public speech about the dangers of immigration when he is shot in the head. Farage has now blasted the scene, warning it could incite violence.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “This scene is totally sick and frankly irresponsible.”

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The former Ukip leader also slammed Channel 4 executives for not censoring the scene.

He said: “I think with Channel 4 we have reached a point where they are so partisan politically in everything they do that they now consistently go beyond what’s acceptable.”

However, a spokesman for Channel 4 claims it is ‘clear to views characters are not to be taken seriously’. The spokesman said: “Year of the Rabbit is a purposefully outrageous and heightened comedy set in Victorian era London featuring exaggerated and ridiculous fictional characters. It is clear to viewers that the characters are preposterous and not to be taken seriously.”
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Re: The Globalists are petrified of Farage!!

Postby HBS Guy » 07 Jul 2019, 08:42

Did he think the comedy was too cheesy?

Farage and the Tory morons have already seen the UK economy shrink because of Brexit, because of racism, and more shrinking of the economy, loss of jobs etc when Brexit finally happens and he is upset at a comedy show on TV?
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