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Trade Unions

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 05:04
by pinkeye
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So people. Embrace the Union in your workplace. They are the only things that stand between you as a valued employee, and you as a drone worker and consumer.

The Liberal philosophy is so against unions they are spending huge amounts of our money to undermine and crush the Union Movement. They perceive Unions as a direct threat to their power. They want to destroy them.
Do not listen to this propaganda.
Reject government rhetoric, and remember the Shearer's Union was a major player in the start of our Nation. Do NOT forget that. because? Nothing has really changed.
We still have the Graziers trying to control everything within their ambit.
We still have big employers exploiting their employess.

I was in my 20's before I even thought about Unions. I was ignorant of the important role they play in our society.
If you are an employee.. you really need unions.!

Re: Trade Unions

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 08:46
by johnsmith
pinkeye wrote:We still have big employers exploiting their employess

they're getting worse

Re: Trade Unions

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 08:57
by Vulcan

The 'Yankee' Unionism and its Eureka Stockade Flag waving has come to the fore in Parliament, with the NLP accusing the ALP of being such. Turnbull is very 'anti' Unions and Shorten is very 'pro' Unions. ALP is very 'Pro' Unions and so are many Biker Gangs ...except one (The Rebels ...who wave the Confederate Flag and are the biggest Bikie Gang in Australia).

The Line has now been drawn between the two Parties.

Beyond, there will be CIVIL WAR. Simple as that. It will be just another cog in the ever-going conflict between the two 'styles' of Politics that has also manifested in the likes between Ireland & England, Yankees & Confederates.
Unionism V Federation.
Athenians V Spartans

So I laugh when people in Australia and on this Forum seek a 'Republic'. I've mentioned it before. Australia 'has to' have a Civil War first (kick those Yankee Unionists back to the USA ...where they tear down statues of Confederation) before anything to do with 'Independence from the UK' ...which is not like what happened in the USA (War of Independence). For starters, Australia - 'dependent' on the UK (as a now luxury) will be 'rejected' by the UK as it 'removes' its Union Jack from our Flag. Our UK history has always been an act of 'rejection' - like the Convicts being 'exiled' from Britain, sent here and eventually 'left here'.
Britain's 'BREXIT' from the EU is also their way of removing themselves from a French dominating EU (culturally) and letting the French know "You can deal with 'your' Moslem problem yourself!"

Australia may not have a 'gun' problem like the USA.
But it will have a new weapon, better than the gun, if either side is to get ahead in the 'soon' Civil War.
Australia will be covered in blood.

Re: Trade Unions

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 09:00
by Vulcan
Here come the Amtrak Wars :rain

Re: Trade Unions

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 22:19
by pinkeye
Vulcan wrote:Here come the Amtrak Wars :rain

NOW THAT IS A BLAST FROM THE PAST. Quite a long S-F series as I recall. I read them all. And VULCAN? there are plenty more out there.