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Re: ? Day ?

Postby Lefty » 31 Jan 2018, 14:59

MilesAway wrote:
johnsmith wrote:
BigOl64 wrote:A republic just so we have a public holiday that doesn't offend some minority group.

who said 'just' you dopey bastard?

The public holiday is a bonus

Watch out he’s got a gun and apparently he knows the fancy protocols that allow it to be pointed through the interwebs :bgrin

The bullet will start travelling fast at his end but then as it traverses the travesty called the NBN, it will slow down so much that you'll have time to see it coming, get up, make a cuppa, sit back down and then nonchalently slide out of it's way :jump
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Re: ? Day ?

Postby pinkeye » 02 Feb 2018, 04:30

It just makes sense.

I'm still wondering tho, whether Howard had his filthy mitts in this.

No-one out there care to check out the modern cause for this date.>?
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