Major gas shortages predicted for East Coast in 2018

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Re: Major gas shortages predicted for East Coast in 2018

Postby Lefty » 13 Nov 2017, 06:32

If they're going to finance them they may as well own them outright. That private corporations will do absolutely everything possible to avoid paying anything at all back to the nation in which they are operating while simultaneously holding out their hands to government for endless corporate welfare has been demonstrated to be so normal that we should expect it to occur. Cost savings from having important infrastructure owned/managed by the private sector have been conclusively demonstrated to be an absolute furphy again and again and again.

Energy supply is not a trivial issue, it is the lifeblood of a modern country. So who is in charge of the blood supply that keeps us alive? Evidently, nobody these days. At least, nobody whose responsability it is to ensure that those whose blood it actually is don't collapse into anemia as a result of a parasite draining it all away.

East coast gas is a disaster and it's just going to keep getting bigger until those who the electorate selected to represent the interests of the nation actually do so. There are a number of approaches that could be taken, the only one that is not an option is to do nothing - guess which one Malcom will continue to select?
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