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Re: Australian economy

Postby HBS Guy » 03 May 2019, 16:37

Flat wages, declining property values lead to another dire statistic:

New vehicle sales slumped in April as part of an ongoing trend tied to housing market woes, natural disasters and this month’s federal election.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ figures showed a 22 per cent monthly decrease in sales for April, arresting the uptick in March.

A total of 77,550 vehicles were sold during April, compared to 99,442 last month, and 82,930 in April 2018.

Anybody think cutting the cash rate from 1.5 (at least 1% too low) to 1.25% is going to “fix” all these signs of flat wages? Didn’t think so.

Restore penalty rates, intervene in wage cases to get wage rates, pump some money into the economy (Labor should ignore all the screams and start running out the real NBN from day 1, fuck the money, we need to get money into the private sector! All this idiocy about getting the Budget into surplus by the Libs (who have nothing else, no policy agenda) shows very clearly indeed that a government surplus means a private sector deficit which is only wanted when inflation is stalking the land.
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