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Invitation to OzPol members

Postby HBS Guy » 26 Oct 2018, 12:24

OzPol is visibly dying, due to actions by its owner, FreeDiver and the crap GMods he appointed.

mothra, JohnSmith and Unforgiven are on indefinite bans with no reason given.

I am on a “long term ban” by Vic, who lied that I had doxxed his first name Wayne. What bullshit! What crap! Some time ago Vic changed his nick at the sewer to “Wayne” and this was discussed in open at OzPol. Wayne in fact had signed in to the sewer less than two weeks before saying I had doxxed his name. What a cretin! Freediver than backed Wayne up, saying that I often doxxed people. What a barefaced lie!

That is the sort of dump OzPol is becoming. The members left tend to be racists and misogynists. Less and less decent posters post there regularly or at all.

So join here! Our membership and post count is growing, we have members from the US and Europe, there is no censorship of language and we have fun and good debate. Make this your home and you will find you will less and less look at OzPol. If I have to give a ban (VERY infrequently) you will see the reason, only fair!
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