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Re: Setanta

Postby pinkeye » 07 Aug 2018, 02:10

mothra wrote:
johnsmith wrote:
mothra wrote:
johnsmith wrote:
mothra wrote:Well done to Agnes for making Gordy look even more stupid than just telling him would have achieved.


are you speaking generally, or is there something specific you are referring to?

Did you see general?

see what? I've hardly had any time to sit down all day

Link just above.

And see edit.

aND i SAY no. I couldn't give a fuck about what blah Cods says Blah Blah … Blah Blah...…….. e.g.


ALL OF YOU THAT CAN'T HELP GOING BACK, AND GOING OVER,, every fucking piece of shit there, that you think refers to you. I mean seriously ... :mad :mad
It is time that all of us... including oldtimers decide they're not interested in that shit. But you see... NONE of you can resist, seeing your name on some morons post.

FFS pull in your fucking ego's and spend more time forwarding, and PROMOTING.... THIS forum... But no No the computer says no :roll

You few spend more time talking about OzPol , than anything else, as far as I can see.

Decide... where do you want to be. ?

"cos honestly, ?? if you spent as much energy on real issues, as you all do on talking about OzPOl? You could have a great forum. But you see yourselves as the disadvantaged and disenfranchised children of OzPol. FFS. :roll
sleeping is good for you
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Re: Setanta

Postby mothra » 07 Aug 2018, 09:33

Pink, we're not obsessed, it merely amuses us. It's okay that it doesn't amuse you. We all know how you feel.

As for attention to the rest of the forum, i spend most of my time in Politics. Did you see any of threads i started yesterday? You didn't comment on any of them.
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