Biggest beer exporters

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Biggest beer exporters

Postby HBS Guy » 28 Jun 2018, 17:15

Top Beer Exporting Countries in the World
1. Mexico ($3,800 million)
2. Netherlands ($2,590 million)
3. Belgium ($1.960 million)
4. Germany ($1.770.1 million)
5. United Kingdom ($1.096 million)
6. USA ($837 million)
7. France ($532 million)
8. Ireland ($427 million)
9. Denmark ($392 million)
10. Czech Republic ($361 million)
11. Poland ($237 million)
12. Russia ($175 million)

Note #2. I bet Holland has to import 90% of the barley and maize etc in the beers it exports. The execrable Heineken the mnain beer exported I bet. #3 exports some lovely beer—Trappist ales, I named my HBS after the monks who used to brew them—and some not so good, all the lambic ales it exports now are crap, sweetened, atificially flavored fucking vinegars, the Leffe beers, total waste of time apart from the Radieuse. Hoegaarden is disgusting now, yuck (to quote Gordy.)

Mexico exports the tasteless Corona and the rather better Negra Modelo, a form of dark Vienna lager from the brief time Austria “owned” Mexico.
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Re: Biggest beer exporters

Postby johnsmith » 28 Jun 2018, 18:30

Best beer I've ever had, and it was a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise to me at the time, was one called 'Ursus' in Romania.

Prior to that I would have bet money romanian beer would be crap.
That's probably why I enjoyed it so much
I hope that bitch who was running their brothels for them gets raped with a cactus.
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