Media coverage “Beast from the East”

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Media coverage “Beast from the East”

Postby HBS Guy » 11 Mar 2018, 18:57

Despite me showing Booby wrong on this sort of thing last year, the gullible fool said there was no media coverage of the “Beast from the East.” Wrong. A quick Google and I found this, just the first page of hits:


beast from the east

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Thousands of dead birds, sea creatures and even a few seals wash up on region's coast after Beast from the East
East Anglian Daily Times · 22 hours ago

The unlikely secret weapon behind Norfolk's Beast from the East farmer army
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press · 37 mins ago

Ofwat to quiz water companies after 'Beast from the East' disrupts supplies · 11 hours ago

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Beast from the East meets storm Emma, causing UK's worst weather in ... ... ther-years

Mar 1, 2018 - Blizzards, strong winds, drifting snow and bitter cold have caused death and disruption as the weather system nicknamed the “Beast from the East” combined with storm Emma to create some of the most testing weather experienced in the UK for years. The Met Office issued a red warning – its most severe ...

The Beast from the East | Goosebumps Wiki | FANDOM powered by ...

Beast from the East: Death toll rises to 48 - ... 49981a31d0
Notice that the above is an Australian outlet, bet it was in the print editions too

Mar 2, 2018 - Beast from the East and Storm Emma are not relinquishing their icy grip. THE ‘Beast from the East’s’ death toll continues to rise, as the Arctic storm relentlessly hammers Europe with bitter conditions. ... THE number of people killed by the “Beast from the East” has risen to ...

The Beast from the East dumps snow on Europe and is heading for ... ... e-and-is...

The Beast from the East dumps snow on Europe and is heading for Britain.
What is the Beast from the East, how will it affect UK weather and what ... ... k-weather/

3 days ago - BRITAIN was battered by icy weather last week as the polar vortex nicknamed "Beast From The East" spiralled in from the arctic. Here's the lowdown on the extraordinarily cold weather event – and when it collided with Storm Emma. Britain was battered by icy weather last week and snow continued to fall ...

Beast from the East - Wikipedia

Britain grinds to a halt as 'Beast from the East' brings snow, ice › World › Europe › Extreme weather
Another Australian news organisation, notice.

Feb 28, 2018 - London: Heavy snowfall has caused major travel disruption across the UK and Ireland, leading to road closures as well as flights and trains being cancelled. A Siberian weather system forecasters have called the "Beast from the East" brought the coldest temperatures for years to Britain and many parts of ...
Europe's icy ordeal: The 'Beast from the East' isn't done yet › News › World
Another Australian source.

Mar 3, 2018 - Europeans from Dublin to Warsaw didn't think the snowy, frigid weather could get any worse, but the so-called Beast from the East has proved them wrong.

Thousands of starfish have washed up dead after the 'Beast from the ...
Another Australian news source

5 days ago - Many Europeans have been assessing the damage from the recent wintery weather dramatically nicknamed the “Beast from the East”. But people visiting certain parts of the English coast found a particularly unwelcome surprise. Thousands of dead starfish and other sea creatures were washed up along ...

Etc. Clearly, Booby has been brainwashed and never checks anything. How stupid, how gullible! Dubyne tells lies in order to get a following of dupes he can then milk for donations and advertising revenue.
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Re: Media coverage “Beast from the East”

Postby HBS Guy » 15 Mar 2018, 08:43

Ahahahah Booby does still read here—he just said that there WAS media coverage of the Beast from the East! Dubyne is LYING to you, schmuck!

Don’t believe everything the snake oil salesman tells you, Booby, for fucks sake CHECK what he says! He has no idea about climate, “GSM” is supposed to explain everything.

Try concentrating on this—and check what I say! I am 100% confident I am posting 100% truth:

1. A GSM will lower global temperatures by 0.3°C AT MOST!

Yup, all this agonising, all 500 lying videos—about an unlikely GSM and the trivial and temporary (AGW still going) temperature drop

2. A GSM does not start an ice age, not even a Little Ice Age that was not even a real ice age!
Check it out! The LIA started about 1300AD, the Dalton and Maunder Minimums were hundreds of years later.

3. The LIA was like 0.5°C below early 20th century temperatures. While the Thames may have frozen a few times (UK was among hardest hit) it did not STAY frozen. Not an ice age, as I said.

So you have a house full of survival crap because temperatures might drop for a while by a small amount. You have donated substantial money to the fraud—you deny it but you are so besotted by the liar I am sure you have donated a substantial amount, money you will never get back, not even when no GSM/Ice age results. Sucked in.
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