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Re: The Me Too Campaign

Postby mothra » 02 Feb 2018, 03:03

I would love to see this play out on Ozpol. I know the guys here are cool ... but, jesus, can you imagine Horse-Boy? Waxing philosophical about alpha male and how icy detatchment would alleviate all of these problems ... and how women are only responding emotively because, let's face it, it's all we know how to do.

And there would be some comment about the kinds of "weak men" who stand by women in such times ... and how the icy, alpha male would not even condescend to acknowledge it.

A double hitter. An attack on thinking mena and women.

If only Horse-Boy knew ... he's far too weak for me. I require a man that is as strong as me. Who can stand shoulder to shoulder with me, unaffected by any sort of conditioning at all.

Naked mutual respect and equality.

Isn't it really what we all want?

I pity those who have never known it.
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