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Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 21:28
by HBS Guy
The poor, gullible little fool who is about to implode the Environment board he can’t Mod mewled that I and Barnacle follow Al Gore. NEITHER of us has EVER referred to Al Gore, NEVER EVER!

Obviously, Booby is being overwhelmed by being Mod of Environment so seeks to cast blame elsewhere. The gullible moron has tried before to say I follow what Al Gore preaches. One slight problem, the idiot can’t point to a SINGLE post here or in the sewer (OzPol or PA) where I say anything about Al Gore.

There is a reason for that: Al Gore is a politician not a scientist. AGW is a scientific matter, action on AGW (reduce emissions, adapt to AGW or mitigate AGW) is a political matter but one that draws heavily on the science.

Give over, Boneheaded Booby you gullible and stupid fool, resign as Environment Mod and suggest all elected MBR Mods be stood down and decent choices appointed by FD.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 22:23
by HBS Guy
What the fuck is Setanta crapping on about? “That thread” “What thread?” “You know what thread.” etc.

Piss fucking weak, Set.

You take sides and that is one reason you are a crap Mod.

SAY what fucking thread you are referring to, idiot! What a fuckhead!

BTW: keep an eye on Bobby who cannot take responsibility for his own action and so cannot be a Mod. He will implode in a spectacular way soon, nervous breakdown even. He is a shit, not a nice person at all, but don’t want to see him have a nervous breakdown.

Miketrees would make a good Mod of Environment, he has SOME clue.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2018, 08:09
by HBS Guy
Nice bunch of lies from Dubyne:

A look at the exaggerated media claims of the Arctic being +10C at the moment when temps are -23C, the effects of the Sun continued weakening being felt on Earth are what we just saw as the European superfreeze mixed with Saharan dust storms. Tens of thousands of cold and snow records broken across Europe over the last 10 days but the media stays silent. I also include a detailed forecast of the GSM intensification at the end of the video.

He can’t distinguish anomalies from actual temperatures and is mixing up temperatures there now not last week. The arctic was above freezing—the most northerly weather station on the north coast of Greenland recorded 61 days above zero this year—in the polar winter, sun below the horizon for months! The so–called Beast from the East was cold Arctic air displaced from the pole by warm air.

Comments to the liar’s own videos show the “records” date back to 2012/13! Not much of a record.

The sun doesn’t weaken that much that quick! The LIA was much more to do with conditions here than in the sun and that “Little Ice Age” was like 0.5°C cooler than early 1900s temperatures, not an ice age at all. I think the Gulf stream (and other major ocean currents) stopped, resulting in cold on the US NE coast and in England and parts of Europe.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2018, 18:38
by HBS Guy
Is Booby the most stupid OzPol poster? Well, stupidest after The Moronic? Seems he has competition:

UnSubRocky posted this idiocy in “Is AGW real” thread in Environment (and that thread likely an attempt to suck me into replying:)

I agree that humans are responsible for global climate change. But the only real change is occurring in and around the towns and cities. Most of the globe is untouched by climate change. But there is barely anything signifying a global increase in temperature.

Yeah, sure, dickhead, urban heat island effect is melting Arctic sea ice and warming the winter Arctic to above zero and melting the Greenland, West Antarctica and East Antarctic ice sheets. Oh spare me this idiocy!

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2018, 18:45
by HBS Guy
Mind you, lee gives USR a run for his money: describes climate then says that is climate change. But that is desperation rather than stupidity.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2018, 19:57
by HBS Guy
Aaaaaand I see Dubyne is trying to lengthen the time the Beast from the East is taking place in the minds of his softheaded dupes who follow him. I read about the mass death of starfish etc days ago.

I did like that Dubyne said the press didn’t want to say the air was Arctic—that is exactly what it was but Dubyne doesn’t want to say that!

I DID say that the liar was going to be hard up for content until the SH winter kicked in so stretching the last cold weather event is the obvious thing to do. He has never said the arctic was warm, you know.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2018, 08:41
by HBS Guy
Nice ad hom from the brain damaged (has to be) Booby “boozy Monk.”

I did not nominate, Booby.

If I had nominated and won then Environment would be MUCH more interesting and you could still post your ice age crap—in the ice age crap thread.

And Agnes, I hold a BSc from the University of Adelaide. Main subjects studied were Physics, Zoology and geology. I have some idea of the weather and climate, much more so than the snake oil salesman Dubyne and Brain Damaged Booby the gullible fool.

Elections of board mods is a very bad move and so I do not participate there anymore. OzPol is becoming more and more toxic by the day.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2018, 21:40
by HBS Guy
Oh dear, some fun on twitter.

Been on twitter on and off over the last couple of days, laying into some of the idiots that support Dubyne’s bullshit about a GSM and an ice age “minor ice age” as Dubyne corrected me today. I came back to say HE had said “minor ice age” when I had said just ice age. Got to be picky talking pseudoscience.

Anyway, this jerkoff joined the debate:

Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. @NikolovScience More
Replying to @PolAnimalAus @2050Age and 8 others
You probably don't know that the assumed "blocking" or "trapping" of radiant heat by the Greenhouse theory is physically WRONG. An open atmosphere CANNOT trap heat because of a cooling process called "convection", Look at our paper for a NEW understanding:

I didn’t bother looking at the pseudoscience but I demolished it easily:

1. Blocking of IR has been observed with satellite based spectrometers and IR is how a black body cools down.

2. Convection ONLY operates in fluids (i.e. liquids and gases) NOT in a vacuum so convection cannot be how the globe cools

3. Convection cannot be operating else the upper atmosphere would not be cool

4. The globe has warmed 1.2°C since late 1800s.

My tweets in reply:
Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. @NikolovScience More
Heat trapping in gaseous systems requires OBSTRUCTION of convection such as in a glass greenhouse, where the interior is kept warm, because the walls and the roof keep inside air from being mixed with the outside air. The atmosphere does not have walls or a lid on top ...

5 replies 4 retweets 7 likes
Reply 5 Retweet 4 Like 7 Direct message

Parakeelia millions! @PolAnimalAus 4h4 hours ago More
You obviously know nothing about it. Spectroscopy from satellites SHOWS thermal radiation leaving the atmosphere for space DECREASES as CO2 concentrations INCREASE. Then, the world has warmed 1.2°C over the last 140 years.

Parakeelia millions! @PolAnimalAus 4h4 hours ago10m10 minutes ago More
Replying to @NikolovScience @2050Age and 8 others

Not only that, convection only takes place in fluids, not a vacuum so convection can’t lose heat to space. And it doesn’t operate else the upper atmosphere would not be cool. Sounds like very bad science, sounds like bullshit!

I reckon there must be a collection of pseuds feeding each other rubbish science to promulgate according to whatever channels they have. Will keep an eye on the Dubyne freak show.

Looking at that so–called science I realised that there is another objection—there IS a lid in the atmosphere: as air rises it moves into lower pressure areas and expands and eventually cools from the expansion.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2018, 22:15
by HBS Guy
After I refuted the crap bit of pseudoscience I did a Google. Hmmm Desmogblog does not think much of it. This is about an earlier article but sounds good:

“It is so riddled with unsupported, fantastic and … or … unintelligible claims, arranged in a disorderly fashion and sprinkled liberally with innuendo,” said the director of the Climate Change Research Center at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

I posted one more tweet, linked to the Desmogblog and asked if the Heartland Institute paid well.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2018, 01:33
by HBS Guy
Reading some more tweets by the pseudoscientist I realised that the snake oil salesman had used another bit of crap from him, shit about clouds being 50% more cooling than thought.

That is NOT what the study cited found but, hey, who expects truth from pseudoscientists and snake oil salesmen? Gullible idiots like Booby and utter cretins like The Moronic I suppose.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2018, 16:10
by HBS Guy
And The Moronic joins Booby in utter and lazy stupidity.

No Australian MSM mentioned farmers (how many? was it deep snowfall or drifts? not ascertained by dumbo. Anyway, I did a google and found, ummmmm:

Farmers rescue sheep trapped in a snow drifts in Northern Ireland - ABC ... ../4596374
Mar 26, 2013 - Keith McQuillan (L), Ruth Keyes and Donald O'Reilly (R) rescue a sheep trapped in a snow drift in the Aughafatten area of County Antrim, Northern Ireland March 26, 2013. At least 140,000 homes and businesses in Northern Ireland were left without power over the weekend following heavy snowfall, ...

Anybody notice the date of that ABC report? I bet Dubyne the Liar used footage from that report (the original film used by the ABC I mean) to make the rescue of ONE sheep look dramatic and important. However, in a way, The Moronic was right, the rescue of one sheep was not reported in Australian MSM but, then again, ONE fucking sheep? And it was from a drift, not from a 20' fucking snowfall!

The lies just fucking accumulate!

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2018, 20:45
by HBS Guy
Christ, just read this crap:

They are paid now many of them to post. Use your energy to prepare. Survival of the fittest minds Bobby. Dont let them distract you from your outcome.

Liar has been saying I was paid to post. No evidence, of course, just a bald assertion. Untrue, WTF is supposed to be paying me?

Survival of the fittest minds Bobby—you are the fittest mind for Dubyne, you believe all his shit unreservedly yet you cannot argue or defend his videos. Mindless, banal flab “just putting the other side” etc a 6 year old would be ashamed to utter. No sides in science, only evidence.

Prepare—all that survival junk crowding your house. You won’t ever use it.

Outcome probably means “keep paying me ‘donations’ sucker!”

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2018, 20:49
by HBS Guy
Aussie - you are trying to distract him from important work.

Fuck me. Half the content of the videos he gets given to him, the other half some Google alerts “cold” “snow” “storm” “hail” etc, pinch the news footage, put together another lying video in 30 minutes

I think it is David who gets paid, a disinformation program paid for by the Heartland Institute. David a “research worker” :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2018, 07:32
by HBS Guy
The Moronic took the Antarctic sea ice the expedition could not get through as sea ice that has frozen. In summer yet!

On Twitter another brainwashed dupe saw that the Gulf of Mexico was quite warm “Is there a volcano under it?” was his brainwashed response—it couldn’t be heating from the sun augmented by AGW of course.

Re: To Booby the gullible fool

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2018, 19:08
by johnsmith
Sir Bobby wrote:
HBS Guy wrote:You DO remember that this time last year Europe copped a lobe of Arctic air but not as bad as this one. That was supposed to be an IceAge too, but wasn’t. Neither is this.

Give it another month to 6 weeks - & you'll see.

it's been over 6 weeks ... got that ice age yet booby? :rofl :rofl :rofl