Bumping into old friends....

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Bumping into old friends....

Post by Lols »

It happens, and without any warning, and what a feeling.
This week, one day after the other, must be something in the air.

And I speak of old photographs I have of them (from the film camera days)….and they would LOVE to have a copy, so I have to try and locate them.

So Monday, I am at the doc's large busy waiting room, and I am doing a blood test for a 2 hour fast, and have to hang around the doctor's surgery, for 2 whole hours! So I plug in my earphones, and watch youtube stuff on my iphone (thank goodness for that....a great time user upper).

I see this elder woman, grey hair, pass by, and look and smile at me, I don't respond, just look up, then back at my phone. I think, she just goes to get a magazine off the table nearby.
Then she passes me and looks back, and smiles intently at me, and speaks (I don't hear because of my earphones plugged in!)...she comes sit near me as I am looking puzzled while I take earphones off, and then close up, after she says her name, I recognized her by the eyes.

An old work friend from the 1970's when I was a data processor for Telecom in Bourke Street Melbourne.

We know have mobile phones and facebook contacts of each other!
She shows me her son's wedding photos, I show her mine, she, like me, has no grandkids either.
She tells me I still look the same, I don't say anything much of the same back.....I think I said, she looks nice and trim.

And tonight, in a restaurant, I see a elderly man in front of the line waiting to do food order at cashier, and it's the hubby of a mum friend from our kids when at primary school in the mid 1980's. We were in PA committee together and raised a lot of money for the school that year.

She has 6 grandkids. We show each other photos of our adult kids from our mobile phones.

I also have some old film photos I will scan and send for her.

Seems I was the only one that ever took a film camera out with me, in them days, no one else did, but now....oh everyone has a camera in their phone don't they! :giggle

Gee I wonder who else I am going to bump into, and to think, I thought I had aged and recently let my hair go it's natural silver grey colour, and could be incognito, only to be told I look the same as always!

Yeah, ageless :giggle

I actually needed this kind of 'up lift' of seeing old friends from my younger years, it just gave me a bit of cheeriness I needed.

I realized my memory is better than theirs as I recalled stuff, and they can't. It's not that I go around thinking of it throughout my life, it just comes to me when I see a person, and like a film reel playing, I just remember stuff.
Not often I bump into old friends, and certainly not one day after the other!

It's been since 2013 since our high school's 50th anniversary and seeing a lot of old school friends, and nothing much since.

So how often, does anyone here get to bump into old friends from decades ago and....actually recognize them?
"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themsleves and wiser people so full of doubts" ~ Bertrand Russell

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Re: Bumping into old friends....

Post by Texan »

My wife has about 60-70 cousins in Ellis County. She can’t go to the grocery store without seeing a cousin. Her parents had 12 siblings between them and she is the same age as most of her cousins children. My in-laws were in their 40s when she was born.

I grew up in a Dallas suburb 55 km away and never see anybody I once knew. I have 11 cousins and I don’t like some of them. I’m a nice enough guy, but I don’t tend to dwell in the past and don’t do social media.

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Re: Bumping into old friends....

Post by Bongalong »

We all live very different lives socially and with family and that... but yeh I just saw a mate from a while back this morning: cool, he just lives a few ks away and I forgot to ask him if he likes pool because I've got my mates cousins round the corner and they reckon they're gonna show me how to play... could be a laugh...

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