Uber = ponzi, no doubt.

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Uber = ponzi, no doubt.

Post by Aussie »

It's the dirty little secret of modern capitalism: many of the world's most powerful and influential technology companies are either massively in debt or barely making a profit.

Stranger still, it's part of their business plan.

Losing vast amounts of money and failing to make a profit year in, year out would once have been an unequivocal sign of failure.

In 21st century Silicon Valley, it's seen as the path to success.

Are we witnessing a bubble about to burst, or a new phase of capitalism in which growth has superseded the need for profit?
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Re: Uber = ponzi, no doubt.

Post by Bongalong »

Uber have been dodgy from day one... they get beaten up in many countries!

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Re: Uber = ponzi, no doubt.

Post by DonDeeHippy »

yup it's hard for people to distinguish the diferance between a non profitable company and a company not making a profit...
If any company expands quicker than it make's a profit than it's a company not making a profit....
Amazon is the poster child, then Netflix, even Tesla has been going 12 years and never had a profitable year.....It's has gone from making 2000 cars a year to 250,000 car a year in 8 years though, so it's understandable....

Uber though have no real product and it's mainly a idea, so be interesting to see how they go...

Every one of these companies have been touted as a ponzi scheme and yet all are still around and expanding... :purple
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Re: Uber = ponzi, no doubt.

Post by Dax »

You can only blow up a balloon so much, before it explodes, all these companies of the economic growth will fix everything hope.

Running a company constantly in debt, is really just another name for a pyramid scheme, the plebs get sucked in by the hype, propaganda and promise of success at the end of the rainbow. But rainbows are just mirages, no substance or longevity and these companies are all this century companies and operated on the cyber world. Once the glamour goes out of the cyber world and reality sneaks in, they will go down fast and so will lots of people with them.

Just another example of the revolving door of ideological life, going nowhere fast but tot sudden end.

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