Invisible USA via Media

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Invisible USA via Media

Postby Vulcan » 23 Feb 2018, 11:48

Just watched 'The Shape of Water'.
Not bad, but also pretty ridiculous. Apparently this movie is going to get a lot of awards (maybe because there is not much else out there).
Sure it's a typical De Toro 'visual' masterpiece, but it seems the last 20 years has seen Hollywood shy away from making movies about the typical America way of life as it currently is at the time. They either base their movies on the past, in the future of use 'imaginary' characters (superheroes, Aliens or underwater people). Hardly ever do they depict the 'American', like the type of today and the America of the 'present' time of the movie made.

It's like they either don't know anything about America of the present, they are forbidden, they are reluctant or whatever else - who knows????
But regardless, hardly anything expresses 'true' America in movies today.
Are they hiding something?

From the Middle-East, sprang Religion: It was 'copied' by Asia via Judaism, oppressed Europe via Christianity and kept Africa in the 'dark' (continent) via Mohommedism.
Flip it over with the Media of Oceania and it seems to be keeping America in the dark now, soon to oppress South America and obviously being 'copied' by Australia here in the region of Sahul.

So 'The Shape of Water' is a story line that could easily have been fitted into 'everyday' (present) America, because we've seen that same storyline before - but they chose to once again, use a more far-fetched deflection away from 'true' America. Hollywood becoming 'un-American'?
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