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Re: Get Hairy February

Postby Aussie » 02 Feb 2018, 20:53

Oh well I'm pretty predictable. Nah.....not into hairy women. So sue me.

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Re: Get Hairy February

Postby Lefty » 03 Feb 2018, 02:16

I wonder how many women aren't into hairy men? I remember one girl telling me years ago "yuck - get a wax".

The amount of body hair is determined genetically - I inherited the full wolverine pelt :bgrin It's actually a pain in the arse at times - seatbelt pulls at the hair while driving etc. I've had about three massages - I don;t mean the naughty kind :bgrin - in my life and only lasted a couple of minutes, just too painful when you're covered in fur. I'd be perfectly happy to have far less coverage.
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