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Postby HBS Guy » 21 Dec 2017, 15:41

What did people do before beer? Dragged out a miserable, boring, depressing life I suppose.

Here I am, in to my elbows in mixing, whipping, rolling etc etc, making food for Christmas. Tomorrow is easy—just the stollen to do. Saturday just the polpette. Fuck! Haven’t made the pasta yet! Tomorrow.

Also been cleaning, throwing out crap I ain’t going to use/wear again. Two bags to take to the op shop, after Christmass most likely.

Joints starting to ache—long for my Tassie kitchen where I can sit down for most food prep.

So, grab a stubby of beer out the fridge, pour into a glass ahhhhhh better!

Beer really helps when you have heavy work to do (not involving driving etc :rofl ) and that is borne out from past practice.

Navvies digging the canals, tunnels etc for the industrialising England were fed plenty of beer. That’s nothing, burly blokes you think, big deal. OK, try this.

In the early 1900s a fourteen year old chambermaid was given eight pints of porter each and every day. Not really good for one so young—should have been in school—but she would have needed it to keep going for fourteen hours a day.

I will make do with one stubby :bgrin

Christmas Day I won’t drink during the day, might crack a bottle of riesling on my return home :bgrin
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