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In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 10:43
by HBS Guy
This is the eulogy I wrote in the private board where Annie and I, and AG except for the last year, talked.

Because I could not travel to America nor Annie to here I sometimes called her “the sweet ghost in my computer.”

Re: Pesky time zone chat, 2016
Postby annielaurie » Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:25 am

Thanks for the loving phone conversation, darling, you do help me a lot, you know ..


She always did say I helped her more than I knew. Well, I could talk her down from her frequent panic attacks and provided what unsatisfactory company I could with posting here and phone calls. She ended her phone calls with “I love you” and I responded in kind.


Now to one truly a ghost, a spirit, in my computer (silicon and organic) here is to you dear and the time we spent “together.” Just being philosophical with a glass of sparkling shiraz here on Australia Day. Be making dinner soon, lovely big thick porterhouse steaks and chips, fries to you my fine American friend.

When the hell did we “meet” anyway? Stupid Aussie and his meaningless changes to the PA of old, I even hated you, the interloper, for a little while. Only a little while. Good old Aussie :roll :bgrin came through, November 2009 is when he brought you to PA. Nice to know. Seven years we had.

You chose “AnnieLaurie” as your nick, after a silent movie. You LOVED the elegance of those days, how the female stars dressed :bgrin

(Lilian Gish)

You used a couple of photos of yourself as avatars, including “just a nose” which was a little theme between us for a while.

Then there was the day you coughed blood. Me and AG said it was just a small blood vessel that broke from all the coughing. Guess we knew it was cancer but to put you at ease since you were going to see a doctor about it we said trauma to a small blood vessel.

You had radiation treatment. That bloody oncologist, wanting to put you on a drastic, dangerous chemo! Maybe you should have looked for another one. Didn’t think of that, should have.

Oh my dear, why didn’t you give up smoking when we talked about that? Would have made a lot of difference, if not to life expectancy then to quality of life. You didn’t and that is that. I did keep my promise, well, 99% kept it, you would have to admit, not to nag you about the smoking. Pity tho.

You did so feel so let down, so betrayed even, by your church and even by your brother who does seem to be a bit of a cold fish from your description of the time he took to reply to your emails etc. You were jealous because he lavished so much care and attention on your mother in her dementia and fuck all on you. He did ring me to tell me you had died. I had no real idea because you were so sick and weak for most of last year that contact was so sporadic a gap of a month or more between calls etc was usual.

I tried so much to let you know I was there for you, tell you I would not forget you—and I won’t—and I WILL make that lovely patch in my front garden in Tasmania. Ah, would have loved to show you photos of the block as I set about improving it. Alas!

When you said your Mum had died, as I told you later, I nearly said “Thank god!” in reply. That would not have been nice but it did mean you had some money behind you, tho dribbled out by your brother, financial security for you.

Even so, madam, those panic attacks of yours didn’t stop, did they? That one real, tangible service I could offer you my love, talk you down from those panic attacks. AG and Lefty helped, so glad you loved the sliver of sapphire I sent you and the bit of garnet Lefty sent you after I, one time, described how let down you were by people from your church etc. This is what Lefty told me after you died:

Yes, at least she is at peace now and pain can no longer touch her. I loved how excited she was whenever I sent her a stone, it really made her day.

I don't mean to sound insensitive - but at least she has left this world at the right time. I simply cannot imagine being a poor, sick person in the US with Donald Trump in charge, I think he is likely to wage war on the poor at least as harshly as the coalition are currently doing here.

No, you loved Obama, and with good reason, and would despise Trump, again with very good reason. You weren’t poor in financial terms. You didn’t like Obamacare but I knew you were wrong, tens of millions of your countrymen will shortly be without health insurance. Trump is just a vulgarian and populist, bad news you don’t have to cope with, thank goodness!

Oh dear, we did have one major fight, didn’t we? I hung up on you. You were pissed at me for doing that and rightly so, I suppose.

Ah my dear, I think of you dying and wonder how/where it happened. I really hope you were in that hospital, palliative care unit, floating on morphine until they accidentally-on-purpose gave you that extra bit of morphine and you floated out of this world. But, in my darker moments, I see you physically and literally coughing up your lungs like my Dad did all by yourself, unable to call for help.

I try and think of you attended to and just floating out of this world. My Dad dying like he did is why I was so frantic when you disappeared that time for a few days.I even rang the Berkeley cops! Remember Mum’s neighbor? Dead half out of bed, half in it, like that for 2-3 days until the cops broke in? Jesus Christ I wanted to spare you that indignity. But I wasn’t there when you really did die

For all the *real* love between us you could be a demanding bitch. Oops! Well, that is the invalid syndrome to a large extent I guess. You rarely if ever acted on a suggestion I made, tho I think they were good ones. Too late to worry about that now.

I WILL remember you. I WILL plant that patch of daisies and some rosemary to remember you. I will also make some donations to anti–smoking and lung cancer research organisations.

And FUCK! the Pushers in Suits!


(I would post beautiful photos, especially Australian ones, for Annie, hoping to distract her from her worries for a few seconds at least. Sent her some postcards from Tassie and for the last three years sent her calendars of Australian fauna and flora.)

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 15:32
by HBS Guy
Australia Day, 2016

Re: Pesky time zone chat, 2016
Postby annielaurie » Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:45 am

I am so glad you had a nice day, my darling! I thought I would try to call now .. here goes ..

Okay that was a good convo for this time and I need to take some pills and go outside again, it's about sunset and very pretty, a bit chilly tho ..



Re: Pesky time zone chat, 2016
Postby HBS Guy » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:02 am

Wish I could have done more, offered better advice but I am just too far away :sad

The “go outside again” of course is code for having a cigarette :sad Tenants where Annie lived were not allowed to smoke in their flats or on the lot where the flat is situated, had to go out on the footpath.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 15:47
by HBS Guy
Two years before she died—this is the jet set, Benson & Hedges smoking sophisticated lifestyle, folks!

Re: Pesky old lady birthday chat 2013-2014
Postby annielaurie » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:47 pm

Yup, I can taste just a vague basic flavor, but am mostly aware of the texture on the tongue, and the pie crust tastes like cardboard. I've eaten that same brand of deli pumpkin pie over the years, and both crust and fillings were always delicious! It's my sense of taste and smell that are gone.

Can't smell my Christmas potted pine tree, either. Not even when I put my nose right into the branches. When I went to church on Christmas Day, the big nave was full of pine and cedar greenery, and I couldn't smell any of it at all.

Another thing, can't eat anything without sugar in it. I want only sweet foods. I put ice cream into every smoothie I make in the blender. Caramel swirl ice cream is now my favorite and goes perfect with vanilla flavored Ensure nutrient shakes. I blend it all together with a raw egg, and boy is it ever delicious! I sure can smell and taste that!

Cannot smell or taste any other normal healthy food, though. My body is falling apart. Even with all the sugar and ice cream every day, my weight is less than 105 lbs. The cancer is probably consuming most of what I'm eating, and cancer eats sugars. So the tumor in the right lung is probably on its way to growing bigger now.

Yet I am getting enough nutrients and vitamins, the Ensure shakes are high calorie and have all the vitamins and minerals in them.


(The tumors grew a tiny bit, it was the emphysema/COPD that killed her.)

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 15:51
by HBS Guy
Re: Pesky old lady birthday chat 2013-2014
Postby annielaurie » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:43 pm

Thanks for your answer, poor darling! And now the time is after three in the morning and I will ge getting back to bed again. Turns out I am in bed for eight to ten of every twenty-four hours, sleeping.

But the Hospice care nurse saw that I could get up and down my flight of stairs to my apartment, with only moderate shortness of breath, and I don't have to sit in a chair with the oxy cannula in my nose all day. So therefore I am not sick enough to qualify yet.

We shall see ..

:rain :zzzz

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 20:06
by Cherie
these are private posts of Annies- they should remain private

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 20:17
by HBS Guy
They do not mention personal stuff.

I will keep posting some posts every day until 28 Dec.

I told Annie I would remember her and I will.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 21:28
by Aussie
A.G wrote:these are private posts of Annies- they should remain private

And they are the 'property' of Monk.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 22:01
by HBS Guy
They might also help someone quit smoking.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 23:42
by pinkeye
HBS Guy wrote:They might also help someone quit smoking.

Respects to Annie. Thanks for those posts Monk, I am in total empathy with you. Also with AG, who is still grieving as are all Annie's friends. ..

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 08:28
by HBS Guy
Annie was a lovely person. Not a saint—hoo boy not a saint! I want her to be remembered, it is the one promise to her that I can keep.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 08:35
by HBS Guy
Auzgurl wrote:Bit worried about you Annie with that very cold snap in the warm and take care ...

Hi AG sweetheart! Not to worry about the cold snap here, that is mostly in the central part of the country, has spared the San Fran bay area and we are having normal chilly weather from the forties to the sixties every day, partly cloudy skies and no rain.

It is getting dry as a bone here, dangerous in the wilderness areas where fires can start so easily, and then spread down the hillsides threatening small country towns and communities. It's very much the same as your bush fires, when a wildfire starts around here.

I hate the soaking wet, so sloppy and uncomfortable, but we need the rain desperately.

Love, annie :wub

I did tell Annie some time later that I laughed when US farmers complained of drought—meant one season without rain where here a drought can last 10 years—but that the drought in California, 5 years by then—was very serious.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 08:43
by HBS Guy
Boss are you around?

Dennis is off on Wednesdays and I've been by myself at home, working on my story. Cold and cloudy but no rain. Quiet and peaceful.

Yesterday Dennis took me to my oncologist appt, and the doc was very happy that I've decided never to go on home Hospice care.

He says it sucks and I would not get to see him anymore, would have to go with the Hospice doctors, who don't know my history, would never be allowed out of my apartment, not even downstairs to the driveway to have a cigarette, would be expected to be in bed all the time and forced to take my meds on a definite routine by the in-home nurses, not just whenever I feel like it.

He promised me that when I get too sick to come to my appt with him he will send another doctor or nurse assistant to my house instead. I told him Dennis would be able to work for me up to six and maybe even seven days a week when I am at the end. The doc and I gave each other a hug.

The doc has finally accepted that my upper back and torso pain syndrome is caused by the COPD, and is chronic with some patients, never getting better but the pain never really getting much worse either. If it were from the cancer, it would be getting a lot worse. Not so with the COPD pain, it stays the same for years.

Afternoon now and gonna take another nappy poo. These pesky time zones!

:B :giggle

With Annie so sick a lot of posts were about her health and lack of it.

The timezones, 16 hour difference, were a bit of a bugger. I downloaded the world clock so I could see what the time was where Annie lived.

To go to the dentist right across the road from her flat required a friend or two or her carer and a cylinder of oxygen.

Probably from all the painkillers she was taking her teeth rotted and that dentist extracted them, said they were so rotten he could pull them out with his fingers. He was an old bloke, near retirement but had never seen teeth as bad as that! Don’t smoke, people!

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 08:45
by HBS Guy
I made Annie an Admin here and so she sometimes called me “Boss.” That pissed off DeepShit :roll :bgrin for some reason but he was so paranoid he could not bring himself to appoint someone even as Forum Mod :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl Me and Annie had a good chuckle at that.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 08:48
by HBS Guy
That you suffer this pain totally sucks, that it won’t get worse is better than the alternative! Get the e-cig and use it as much as possible instead of the real ciggies please—give your lungs a bit of a break, even a 1% recovery in lung function will be a big benefit.

Hi boss, it'e me annie! Up from my afternoon nappy poo! Time is quarter to nine at night, gonna watch Bones, one of my fave crime dramas in fifteen minutes, about an FBI foresnsics team that finds the remains of dead people and does testing to solve the crime. One of the best drama series ever, besides Dr. House. House does back to back episodes on Thursday nights.

Tomorrow Dennis comes and we are going to the Berkeley Smoke Shop to get me an e-cigarette, if they have them. They should, that's the one place where they would be selling them.

See you! These pesky time zones!


She did like her little “Australianisms” nappy poo, drinkypoo tho she did not drink, arvo and the like. Didn’t have the heart to tell them they were mostly Englishisms.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 08:56
by HBS Guy
Poor Annie, the vaper was too harsh on her throat so it was only used for a short time, she gave it to someone, her carer maybe, forgot. Great pity: she could have “smoked” in her flat and not have to walk all the way to the footpath and it would have done much less damage to her lungs.

There is a huge unemployment and consequently homeless population in the US, at that time (2014) anyway. One of them found a place to sleep under the roof. Annie would not have minded but he smoked—Annie didn’t want to waken in a burning block of flats so called the cops and had the homeless person moved on.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 19:37
by HBS Guy
Re: Pesky time zone new year chat 2014
Postby annielaurie » Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:30 am

That is really a shame about the brother-in-law's attitude! Tell you what, last April my six year old grandson hugged me, and since he couldn't remember my name he called me Grandma in California.

And when we went to McDonald's for burgers, he hung over the table and put both little hands on my cheeks and squeezed. What a sweetheart! Young children DO love their grandmothers, even after meeting them for only one day.


Yup, Annie was a grandma!

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 19:49
by HBS Guy
This was one of the things that worried poor Annie so much, in the end it was just left, bit of a space between two floorboards. Annie could work up a panic attack out of something minor like that:

annielaurie wrote:Tom, I haven't been here very often in the past week or so, this is because of an unexpected problem with my apartment.

There is something seriously wrong with my kitchen-living area. The bamboo floorboards are coming apart in a single straight line, from just below the sink and counter to the opposite wall where the couch is standing. They are fitted tongue-in-groove style and not nailed. Each board is about three feet long, laid on top of a subfloor of plywood which is nailed onto the floor struts.

It is the only separation of all the rows of floorboards in the apartment, and scary because there is no apparent reason for this kind of warping.

There is no leaking or wetness anywhere. There is nothing under the floor struts except wire mesh and stucco plaster, which makes the ceiling of the carport below. There is no sign of leaking or wetness down under there, either.

But there are pipes hidden inside the structure, below my plywood subfloor. A coldwater and a hotwater pipe from the hotwater heater in the laundry room run directly below my front room, and the heat from the hot pipe could account for the problem. Maybe—

But why did the warping start over five years after they renovated this unit and laid the bamboo floorboards? Why did it wait so long to start happening?

When I moved in here on June 1st, there was no gap between the rows of floorboards in the room, they were perfect. The separation has been very gradual, over seven months.

I called the property company last week, and they are trying to locate the contractor who did the renovation of this unit in June of 2008 (the guy's name was Logan, but I can't remember his last name)

It has been the weekend and a holiday today (Monday) and in the meantime the warping is continuing and my floor is separating even more.

They will need to remove several rows of floorboards to be able to see enough of the plywood subfloor below to determine what's wrong and how to fix it.

The problem might be a very serious structural defect.

I am waiting for tomorrow at 9:30 am to call the property company, to ask what's happening and who they are going to send over here.

Dennis doesn't know what's wrong either. It was so slow over the months that it was like watching the hands of a clock move. You can't can't see them move, but half an hour later they are suddenly pointing in another direction on the clockface. You didn't see it happening!


I think it was a leaky pipe or something, fixed from the apartment below. When you are sick and alone these things mount into huge problems. Dennis was her carer.

Can you begin to understand how distraught Annie was when AiA published fifteen of her PMs then left for three days? The phone call I got, hope I never, ever get another one like it. Totally distraught and devastated. What a scumbag thing to do. The spineless jellyfish the owns OzPol and PA was asked by Annie to delete the PMs and the cunt just left them there!

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 19:54
by HBS Guy
I told you she would work up a panic attack about it:

annielaurie wrote:Tom, I'm in a great deal of stress because of this.

I am not ready to go into the details of what could happen to me here if this problem in my apartment is serious and were to require extensive repairs. I have nowhere to go but here. A motel would not allow my oxy compressor. No friends to take me in. You get the idea.

I don't know when I will be back here, I have stuff away from the internet I need to deal with.

A one hour job for a plumber, Annie sees herself out in the street. That is what sickness, loneliness and a strong feeling of betrayal gets you.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 21:09
by HBS Guy
Annie started writing a book, got quite a bit written, got writers block which I helped get her over then another one that I couldn’t help with. A lot of posts were about the book, will just post this one:

annielaurie wrote:Hey boss, are you around? Up in the middle of the night, as usual. Spent all day yesterday writing on my novel.

Got a lot done, the book is evolving and becoming a real story that works. It is almost like the story writes itself, and uses my fingers to type the words and sentences and dialogue.

The events experienced by the characters have to overlap and connect in all kinds of little ways over many decades, and be told in small vignettes, which can be like little windows of subjective reality, viewed differently by different characters, and meanwhile the basic plot of the story is moving right along.

Events keep repeating themselves, but not exactly. Future events could mimic former events, and even be told before they actually happen in the main storyline.

I am not doing well, am sick.

That last sentence was like a kick in the guts to me after reading how happy she was with her book.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 21:30
by HBS Guy
Talk about the CA drought again:

annielaurie wrote:Hello again, my poor darling! That was a very special phone call, and you are the first one to christen my new phone! Got to see that the phone works like a dream, brand new and no problems with it.

Yup, my old phone was definitely whining and screeching .. local calls, long distance and overseas .. worn out after thirty years use!

Hope you are feeling well, boss. No sickness or pain, hope the weather doesn't get so hot today that it overwhelms! You will be better off in Tassie when the time comes, good you are starting to think about plans to move eventually.

When we hung up earlier, I did take my pills, used the nebulizer machine more and got all the way dressed. Finally started to feel better, and then went outside for my first ciggie. The morning is lovely and warm, cloudless skies after a couple days of light drizzle. Rain system wasn't much of anything, and is gone already. More rain expected for the coming Sunday.

We are officially in a drought, and advised to conserve water, and this year the snow melt from the High Sierras is almost nothing! No melt to meet the needs of the San Fran East Bay area this year. They said it is the worst it had ever been in recorded history, this is global warming related.

Guess I will make a Starbucks instant coffee and ice cream smoothie in my blender now, mmmmmm delicious ..

(just a little annie, just a nose)


Some time later a water saving showerhead was compulsorily fitted.

“Just a nose” is from a photo taken when she was a teenager, her long hair hid everything but her nose.


Not breaking a confidence—Annie used this as her avatar.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 22:23
by HBS Guy
annielaurie wrote:The intestinal sickness seems to be gone, that could be because I have started eating solid food again, and got rid of old foods that might have been spoiled.

Seems that I can taste foods like delicious crisp bacon and anything sweet. Can't taste most other foods now. This is a recent problem, within the past couple of months or so. Everything tastes the same in my mouth when chewing, I can get the textures but not the flavors. No enjoyment eating anymore, I have to force myself to fix anything now. I can barely feel hunger, either.

I have read that this symptom comes with advanced stage lung cancer. Patients want only sweet foods. This was happening to me back in 2010, just before the x ray that showed the big tumor in the left lung. No hunger, and no taste except for sweet foods. This is because sugar is what the cancer comsumes in order to grow.

I now have a new CT scan scheduled for March 4th, and oncologist appt for March 11th. That small tumor in the right lung is probably growing. I am starting to notice some local pain in the right lung, and also both lungs when I breathe deep down.

The res manager David has been gone again for two weeks. Don't know what's happening with him, but he might be staying with his sister in San Fran, which is near to the airport where he works. I have the idea they might get a new res manager sometime soon. This is not for sure, but seems to me that he is not doing very much work around here anymore and is hardly ever around.

Dennis is coming today at 11 am. Time is now just before 4 am. I am up almost every night and then go back to bed in the early dawn for a couple more hours.

Happy birthday to your mum next week, boss ..

(noodle nose) :gsp

Smoking is soooo sophisticated, isn’t it? A really good, groovy thing to do!

She couldn’t taste food she said. I tried to suggest ways she could eat something healthy but doubt she did any of them. Nutrient shakes with an egg and some icecream became a large part of her diet.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 22:30
by HBS Guy
annielaurie wrote:Yup!

Well things are changing for me, boss. We shall see what happens next. I sure wish I could still take my laptop down to the coffee shop, or go to the movies downtown like I used to do, or go shopping up on the Avenue the way I use to love.

Life as I knew it seems to be over for me. I have Dennis and my doctors and the nursing staff at the oncologists office, who seem like friends to me, people I can count on.

And I have you, my poor darling, even though you are much too far away to help me in an emergency. But it feels like you are my next door neighbor. Hard to believe you live 12 thousand miles away!


When Annie first showed up here she often posted from the coffeeshop with her laptop connected to the shop’s wifi. Alas, the emphysema contracted her world cruelly. Did the same for my Dad too.

Annie often said it was like I was her neighbor from a couple of doors down the street. I never felt she was around the corner but I had stopped smoking early enough not to get much emphysema and can walk down the street or drive to or across town any damn time I like.

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 22:47
by HBS Guy
annielaurie wrote:Hello boss! Now Thursday morning for me. It rained again last night, soaking everything. Dry today.

Just a note on Obamacare here in the USA! The great majority of Americans hate it, or parts of the law, because it has unintended consequences to those in the middle class income range (such as myself) by raising premium rates through the roof, and creating donut hole gaps in our Medicare Part D coverage (covers medications) so that now we have to pay huge out-of-pocket amounts for each drug, where we got them for free before Obamacare kicked in.

There is only one good thing about Obamacare, really, and that is the part of the law that prohibits insurance companies from turning away applicants with pre-existing medical illnesses and conditions, those who could not get insurance coverage before.

Almost everything else about the new law is bad, both for doctors, small business owners with employees, and most patients. There are thousands of doctors who are now opting out of accepting patients with insurance coverage, and will accept only cash-pay patients. There are many thousands of patients who now must change their doctors, who now must wait months to see someone new, who now have to start over with new teams of docs on networks in their area.

Contrary to the news on this that has reached Australia, the situation is generally worse for us than before Obamacare.

Many states have NOT expanded their Medicaid programs (supplemental insurance coverage for low income patients) and so therefore many thousands of poor people who could get coverage before, now cannot and are left with no way except to go to emergency rooms if they get sick.

The very rich don't need to worry. By very rich, I mean multi-millionaires.

We middle income patients are the ones who get the coverage easily enough, but whose premiums and out-of-pocket expenses have gone way UP!

My premium taken out of my Social Security cheque every month is now a hundred dollars more per month. My premium owed to my supplemental insurance company every four months are now over a hundred dollars higher than last year.

As for meds, I could get my ventolin and combivent inhalers for $0.00 before. Now the ventolin costs me $40.00 and the combivent costs $65.00, every month. My other pills now also cost me $65.00, every month.

My pain med used to cost me $0.00 dollars. Now costs me $17.00, and the strength is weaker, and the amount of a single prescription has been lowered from 180 tablets per bottle to 160 tablets, and must last a month before a refill is allowed.

Our country is in one mess after another. Obama tried to do the right thing, but his healthcare reform is basically a disaster.


Ahahahaha Annie hated Obamacare. Yet it gave health insurance to tens of millions of Americans who could never get insurance before. Yes, the rich had to pay a bit more and Annie didn’t like that :jump If Trumpy ever manages to kill Obamacare at least 24 million Americans will be without health insurance!

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 22:53
by pinkeye
I am a smoker.

Could I ask please, how OLD Annie was when she moved on.?

Re: In Memoriam: AnnieLaurie

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 23:44
by HBS Guy