Read a good book lately?

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Read a good book lately?

Postby HBS Guy » 05 Oct 2017, 09:06

Just put “Devil’s Food” by Kerry Greenwood (author of the Phryne Fisher mystery novels) on hold at the local library.

As well as the Phryne Fisher series Greenwood wrote a series about Corinne who lives above her bakery Earthly Delights used to be an accountant and is a bit of a sleith as well as a baker. No crap about her being better than the Police force and its resources etc. The accounts are lively and interesting with some nice plot twists and turns and told from the first person. Oh, and there are recipes at the end of the book for the unusual breads featured in the story—you don’t see that in a mystery novel too often!

Are they great literature etc? No, but they are enjoyable and you will want to read them more than once—what else can we ask of a book?

I have been a naughty boy over the nearly two weeks this middle ear problem kept me bed bound. As well as buying two pieces of fat lava art pottery and a Bloor Derby (early 1800s) porcelain tea cup and saucer I bought two Wodehouse books (Jeeves and Wooster) and “To Kill a Mockingbird” of which I saw and loved the film. Three brand new books $28 incl postage from the UK. (I should have kept the money to go towards my house. Ah well, being bedbound I couldn’t spend so still OK :roll :bgrin (bed bound—can’t fall when lying in bed! Walk to ’loo or bathroom meant finding handholds, walking outside meant using Mum’s walker or a walking stick and walking was exhausting!
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Re: Read a good book lately?

Postby johnsmith » 05 Oct 2017, 18:31

Read a good book lately?

Kama Sutra
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