New Ice Age

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Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 25 May 2020, 10:11

That fatuous booby wants me to apologise for the weather again! This is lunacy!

Reason? Parts of SE Queensland are a bit cool. The moron is STILL using local weather to support his idiotic idea we are heading into an ice age! No brains, no education! He has, of course, not looked into what caused the cold snap, that is beyond his feeble intelligence.

Re: New Ice Age

by pinkeye » 23 May 2020, 00:38

OK I get it.

(second attempt at short reply ) above.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 23 May 2020, 00:31

I don’t argue with the fatuous idiot.

Re: New Ice Age

by pinkeye » 22 May 2020, 23:46

Umm glad to see you two are still enjoying yourselves, arguing over an issue which is largely irrelevant . :thumb

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 22 May 2020, 21:28

Hehehehehe notice how “6 years at Uni” Booby is not entering the Capt Nemo/Robot/Lee stoush? He does not have a clue. Nor does Lee but he pretends it does.

If “the sensitive models” run a bit hot does that mean ALL the models do, Lee? Geez. Lee obviously did not read the article he quoted.

So funny to read his surprise at the link Robot put up that was in the article Lee posted. A doofus!

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 05 May 2020, 18:45

Aaaand in other news it seems Body Odor has cried and lamented long and loud to Vic about a thread Aussie had in his MRB and Vic deleted said thread then made up a bullshit reason posted in Feedback. Nah, BO asked him to remove the thread just like Booby passed my personal details to Dubyne who passed them on to someone else. Nobody can seriously imagine Booby not passing on the details if Dubyne asked for them.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 05 May 2020, 08:22

The Moronic chimes in, apparently Melbourne has been a bit wet.

What do we know of rain? It is condensed water vapor.

Where does the water vapor come from?

The water vapor is evaporated from oceans

The oceans are warming meaning we get more evaporation. The air is warming and can hold more water vapor.

Warm, moist air moves over cooler land > condensation, precipitation.

This is not even junior HS science, it is primary school general science for fucks sake. How can supposed adults not know this?

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 03 May 2020, 21:42

If Booby could understand the simplest science. . .

Snow ... me-snow-us

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 03 May 2020, 16:24

Coldest in 60 years, no 40, years no, not that cold at all really.


Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 03 May 2020, 04:16

Booby is such an idiot. He quoted Fox (idiot accuses me of “being fooled by the MSM”)

“Heavy snow, freezing temperatures, heavy rain and storms continue as a polar outbreak hits Australia's southeast.”

Why do we get more polar outbreaks? Don’t ask Booby he just wouldn’t know, thinks publishing a local weather report “proves” the GSM/New Ice Age. As simplistic, as wrong as that.

That “60 year record” is now 40 years—hardly any cold records go past 1980, not that Booby has the brains to notice that.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 02 May 2020, 16:52

The moron Jasin dribbled:
I wonder when it was since the last big Antarctic Blast came far into Australia so early like this?
It's like a Rogue Wave from the Southern Gyre.
A few years ago, snow up to southern Qld.

How soon they forget.

No, Booby, local weather is not a sign of an ice age.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 01 May 2020, 19:16

Oh dear, it wasn’t the coldest for 60 years.

Of course Booby has hardly even HS science but anyone interested would SURELY read up on what is causing the weather? Like I said, was it all the way from Antarctica and if so—how?

Cold snap—Ice Age! is so fucking boring! So many dweebs on Twitter come out with the same crap.

Have you looked—of course you haven’t, that would involve thinking and possibly seeing data you don’t like—at the NH winter Dec 2019–Feb 2020? Was pretty warm for a winter!

Just shows getting excited by weather in one place is bloody stupid behavior yet it is ALL you got in that Ice Age thread. Boring!

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 01 May 2020, 19:16

Oh dear, it wasn’t the coldest for 60 years.

Of course Booby has hardly even HS science but anyone interested would SURELY read up on what is causing the weather? Like I said, was it all the way from Antarctica and if so—how?

Cold snap—Ice Age is so fucking boring! So many dweebs on Twitter come out with the same crap.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 01 May 2020, 14:46

Solar Cycles & Global temperatures:
Solar cycles 1913–2031.jpeg

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 01 May 2020, 12:59

Apparently it will be a bit cool in SE Australia for a day or two.

Apparently I have to explain it.

Allegedly 6 years at Uni and he can’t explain weather.

Here you go “brave knight” (snicker)

On the face of it the weather/weather systems came from the Antarctic—with AGW and Arctic Amplification of it having weakened and disorganised the Jet Streams so polar air/weather systems can more easily leave the Arctic/Antarctic.

I remind the weak schmuck that there was some cold air left the Antarctic Peninsula heading north, bringing snow as far north as southern Queensland which he and his lover Dubyne described as a sign “of the deepening GSM bringing on the ice age” yet it has kept warming, hasn’t it you cowardly little weakling?

If polar air moves out past the polar circle bringing cold it follows air from outside the polar circle has to move in, warming up that pole—so no global cooling. Anybody with high school science could work this out, not so some dummy who fell for the spiel of a grifter like Dubyne.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 03 Mar 2020, 12:34

Clearly, 2019 really was the second hottest year. It was second hottest to 2016 which was a super El Nino year! 2019 was not an El Nino year and was nearly as hot as 2016. Shows how fast the globe is warming. You can also see this from the fact that 2018, a weak La Nina year, was warmer than super El Nino year 1998—just 20 years earlier!

This ice age fantasy shows just how desperate some people are to wish away awkward facts, like AGW.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 03 Mar 2020, 12:27

We see that the new Cycle is predicted to be a bit stronger than Cycle 24. So no GSM even possible for 11 years, more like 22 years, two cycles.

All the publishing of local weather reports will not change that. Any cold, even record cold, can be traced to the Jet Streams being weakened by The Arctic warming faster than any other place on the planet thus lowering temperature differences either side of about 45°N—temperature and the related pressure differences drive winds.

In the NH the weakened Jet Stream hits obstacles like the Greenhouse Plateau and buckles, forming south-facing bows and north facing waves. The bows guide Arctic air south from the Arctic, this brings blizzards, cold etc to parts America, Europe and Asia. In the southern hemisphere there are no such obstacles so we do not get the huge cold blasts seen in mid latitudes in the NH. But we do still get some cold air (like the one that brought snow to the east coast as far north as southern Queensland. Of course, Dubyne called this a sign of the GSM/Ice age, it really was a sign of the opposite, of AGW. We have also seen some super cold fronts, esp near South Island of NZ. These can make it north because the southern Jet Stream is weaker and disorganised. No blizzards tho, thank goodness.

Overall, taking measurements and calculating proper global average temperature we see the globe is warming:

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 03 Mar 2020, 12:12

There will not be a Little Ice Age soon:
Thus, a new Grand Solar Minimum would only serve to offset a few years of warming caused by human activities.
What does this mean? The warming caused by the greenhouse gas emissions from the human burning of fossil fuels is six times greater than the possible decades-long cooling from a prolonged Grand Solar Minimum. ... i-ice-age/

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 29 Feb 2020, 06:10

Apparently I need to apologise to Dubyne because Melbourne had a cool summer. I do not apologise to doxxers you doxxer! Nor do I apologise for the fucking weather, stupid idea!

Most of the country was hot and Dubyne, just a grifter, would not have predicted any of that.

Of course, Booby has made ZERO attempt to work out why parts of southern Australia had a cool summer, what weather systems were involved. Lots of wind from the south I noticed and those are cooling. Thank heavens for a cool February! We had the air conditioner switched on a lot before February tho.

Ever notice Booby does not live up to his signature? You know, needing extraordinary evidence? Never provides any!

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 26 Feb 2020, 12:46

Little Booby is feeling rather put upon. He lisped this earlier today:
Monk is a fool.
David DuByne predicted the dry
weather which caused the drought
and bush fires.
Of course, you do not go far wrong predicting drought in Australia. Dubyne knows nothing about weather, meteorology nor science so he would not have predicted what happened. Besides which long term weather or climate forecasting is impossible: too chaotic. Weather is not forecast for more than 2 weeks and climate is forecast using an ensemble of models. So, no, Dubyne did not predict the heat and drought—that was all a lie, right Booby?

66% of summer crops is not a 79% decrease in the wheat harvest, is it Booby? Did you either not notice the difference or are you lying again? Do you not know when wheat is harvested?

And there is no GSM now or any time soon, sorry, that is a Dubyne (&Co, Ice Age Farmer, DiamondDave etc etc) lie that he has sold to those afraid of AGW and the changes it will bring. Are you such a coward, preferring to believe in make believe, in fairytales? Or are you the “real man” you say you are and willing to face up to AGW? I think you are a snivelling coward and a scumbag willing to pass my personal details to your idol, the grifter Dubyne.

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 25 Feb 2020, 22:45

Ooooooohhh! Booby changed text from his idol Dubyne, quoting now the 66% figure for summer crops where the grifter had said 77% of the wheat crop.

If you have to do so much bloody fiddling does it not show that Dubyne just talks crap?

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 25 Feb 2020, 20:01

Booby is getting desperate, saying I agreed with the liar and scammer/grifter Dubyne. Dubyne was talking about wheat, not summer crops. And loss due to heat tho you were not bright enough to pick that up, were you? Gullible numpty!

Dubyne is getting desperate, Booby and is talking more crap than he used to. Northern Hemisphere had a nice mild winter, even Holland was well above zero. Then no sign of a GSM tho it is “deepening” according to the grifter.


Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 25 Feb 2020, 09:27

Looks like the Booby–Dubyne love affair is on again.

What a dump of an MRB! Ajax posting complete shite about the Mann v Ball court case, lee of course joining in—no ruling or demand by the court for Mann to disclose data was ever made. The data is freely available on a server and has been for ages.

Dubyne posts a lie about our wheat harvest, 79% loss. Bullshit, this is ABARE:
Area planted to grain sorghum is estimated to have decreased by 71% in 2019–20 to 143,000 hectares. Production is forecast to fall by 77% to around 292,000 tonnes.

Area planted to cotton is forecast to fall by 82% in 2019–20 to 61,000 hectares because of low supplies of irrigation water and insufficient levels of soil moisture to plant dryland cotton. Planted area is estimated to be the lowest since 1978–79 when it was 50,000 hectares. Production is forecast to decline by 72% to around 135,000 tonnes of lint and 191,000 tonnes of seed. The average yield is forecast to rise from last season because almost all cotton crops this season are irrigated.

Rice production is forecast to remain low at around 54,000 tonnes because of low water allocations and high water prices.

Harvesting of 2019–20 winter crops is largely complete and estimated production remains largely unchanged from the forecast ABARES published in the December 2019 edition of Australian crop report. Higher than expected barley and canola production is estimated to have offset lower than expected wheat production.

Australian winter crop production is estimated to have decreased by 5% in 2019–20 to just under 29 million tonnes. Wheat production is estimated to have fallen by 12% to 15.2 million tonnes, barley production is estimated to have increased by 7% to 8.9 million tonnes and canola production is estimated to have increased by 7% to 2.3 million tonnes. Amongst other crops, chickpea production is estimated to have remained largely unchanged at 281,000 tonnes and oats production is estimated to have increased by 1% to 900,000 tonnes.

Winter crop area is estimated to have increased slightly in 2019–20 to 18 million hectares. ... t/overview

Re: New Ice Age

by HBS Guy » 18 Feb 2020, 20:30

Does chitin have carbonates in it or just polysaccharides?

Re: New Ice Age

by Dax » 14 Feb 2020, 16:48

Here's some fake news that will boost the claim of a new ice age, told you it was coming much soon than anyone anticipated. :rofl :rofl :rofl

This year may see even bigger disasters, especially if a number of glaciers collapse during the northern summer. Then when the next southern summer comes along, we may see one of Antarctica's biggest glacial ice sheets slide into the sea. The rate of movement to the ocean off all ice sheets and glaciers are accelerating rapidly, which means sea rises of well over 2 metres may occur within the next couple of years and then the shit will l hit the fan for everyone.
They are going to build an all weather all seasons landing strip on Casey station, because there are now area's where there is no snow all year round.

Where I live, the sea temp at this time of the year was always around 12-14deg C, now it's 18-20deg C. All the kelp beds have died, the crayfish have soft shells from the growing acidity of the ocean and many fish species have disappeared.

"The Antarctic has registered a temperature of more than 20C (68F) for the first time on record, prompting fears of climate instability in the world’s greatest repository of ice." ... ime-record