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Aussie had actually asked a question re the rifle that was loaded on Sunday and shot on the other days of the week.

Heh, Dad came home from Magdeburg, Germany where he had been liberated by US forces. The soldiers fed the Dutch liberated there pretty well. Dad came home “fat as butter” to meet his skinny as a rake wife. That wife tho had done the impossible—got a house (rental) tho they were as scarce as hens teeth just then. (A jerry built place in an alley where several industrial concerns were.)
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Too bad we lose sight and memory of our pasts. So much to be learned, and yet there is so much information available today, we have trouble processing it all.

Our brains deliberately forget unnecessary memories, to make room for more. So a bit of memory loss is entirely normal.

Umm , anyway my question.


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What was the name given to some 'people', who apparently inhabited New Zealand before the Maori.?
The Maori called them.............?

It was a memory from childhood that reminded me.