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whose dog -walker was shot, and dogs stolen for ?? ransom.?

I hope so, otherwise...poor puppies.
One was left behind.. there were three being walked.. two were stolen.

They haven't said he was killed, so I guess the actual dog-walker survives.


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yay. Poor pooches.
Humans are disgusting creatures most of the time. Some good people hold back the tide of ignorance ... but it is getting close.

your question Aussie


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Someone I know had two tenterfield dogs stolen. She took it pretty hard–one of the terriers had a medical condition and was on medication. They WERE stolen BTW, hustled into a car that drove away at speed. Dog theft of purebreeds does happen—get a crossbreed or mongrel.


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It means to speak the truth. It is used to in the jury selection process. I am very familiar with this expression.
Yes. Your turn.

It is not only in the 'jury selection process.' That is certainly not its major use here in Australia.
In the U.S. "voir dire" usually does refer to the process of questioning potential jurors to determine their suitability as jurors. What is its major use in Australia?