Who wants to NOT be a millionaire quiz!


Wonder woman
Not Australian that's for sure.

Hmm never heard of it

or heard it.
I mean you can smell snakes... but hear them.. ?


Wonder woman
They do if you manage to clamp a large 2 ltr plastic measuring jug over a brute on your wall.

Amazing ..it was so big I caught the tips of it's legs ... and then.. it made sounds alright.. throwing itself from side to side trying to get out.. sounded like little tiny bones rattling against the sides.
EEK OK.. they're fine OUTSIDE.

Fortunately I had a flat piece of cardboard handy, reasonably stiff, which I slid along the wall behind the Jug. BUT then I had to move the jug with cardboard and spider off the wall and OUT OF THE HOUSE, without stuffing it up. !

So I cautiously did that. and I tell you I could feel that spider throwing itself around... I should now TOUCH WOOD for LUCK, and hope it doesn't happen again.
Sorry M... but this happened years and years ago and it only happened because a person I told NOT TO OPEN ANY WINDOWS without SCREENS, did just that. Fucking moron. I knew there were big spidies on the house.. that was years ago........

but nowadays, I have an army of hungry birds and geckos living on and around the house.. and only see small spiders now. Although they certainly live well on the rest of my place.


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AUSSIE you can't ask that question again, seriously..? 24 hour rule. You want to ask another question..? First you have to provide the answer.

Yes so Aussie should play by the rules.. :rasberry

Where is this '24 hour' Rule?


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OK, noticed this wasn’t showing up. It was on another website!

Any other smilies not showing up?


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I saw it.
I didn't use it.

The 24 hr Rule is somewhere in the guts.... I think it was milesaway or DDH? who raised it. I hadn't heard of it either. So somehow I checked it out.. that was a while ago now, and sure enough .. there appears to be such a rule. Perhaps YOU can find it.

In any case I think it is a fair idea, as it keeps the topic moving,,