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UFO's Official in USA


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The outer parts of the Universe are very old, too old to support life.

Carbon is the element life is based on: four valent hence methane CH4. It can form chains such as those found in petroleum products and rings: simple rings of atoms with one carbon atom sharing a bond with each of the the two carbon atoms next to it allowing other atoms to attach to the ring, two single valent bonds like the hydroxyl group (OH) or an oxygen using two valences. It also forms more complex rings where both single and double bonds form the ring of carbon atoms.

Hence organic chemistry is the study of molecules containing carbon atoms.

A planet around a too-bright sun or in an orbit too close to a sun like ours—carbon bonds will be broken.

The next item in the Periodic Table directly below carbon is silicon—also with four valences. Nothing to do with silicon has happened here.
so how many stars are you talking about in the inner Universe ?
as all our life is based on Carbon on Earth don't you think your a bit biased of what life can be , considering no scientist knows how to create life, how then could they, or you know what is needed...


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There have been many reports of UFO sightings across the Gold COast just in this last week. People have reported seeing a row of lights, moving together, slowly at first before speeding away. This is a photo of it below

turns out it's a part of Elon Musks' STARLINK programme, the photo is of 66 (?) satellites thay he has put into low Eart orbit, only part of the 597 satellites he plans to put up so as to give everyone on the planet free satellite internet access.


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yeah I knew about them. Wrong place to be the source of the footage I saw. Bet it is never shown again on TV.