The US is walking a fine line with rising tensions with enemies Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran


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If the war of words turns hot, a number of US enemies might take the opportunity for a free hit against Uncle Sam.

The USA has line up more enemies simultaneously than it has done for a long time. Donald Trump also pissed off USA's friends.

This is a dangerous time.
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For 4 years we heard from the Democrats and the anti-Trump news media that Russia was our mortal enemy and that Trump was owned by Putin.

So unless that was all just bs, I would expect Biden to treat Putin and Russia with hostility, the way one would treat a mortal enemy.

Now that the Democrats are in power, they can ramp up the tension with Russia as they have apparently been yearning to do.




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oh noooowwwwww americans hate war?

is it too expensive?

no one buying their guns and bombs?

oohhhh poor america

Just stop lecturing the world and stop selling arms!

but they would not do that as there is too much money to be made...... fuck their own troops and victims because they are mostly only poor people

Give yourself a big pat on the back america
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